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Remembering . . . Patriotism During World War II

May 8, 2009

I am writing this on the 8th day of May, 2009. But it was on this date in l945 that Germany surrendered unconditionally to the Allied forces in Europe. Was it all worth it? I mean, the American casualties, so many brave men dying on far off battlefields, or in far off oceans all around the world, in the skies over Berlin, London, Rome, Paris, and over many other cities and towns and hamlets and forests.

Yes, the curtain finally came down on the war in Europe, but more blood was yet to be spilled in the Pacific since Japan did not surrender officially until September 2, l945.

I write this with a mixture of pride and sadness. Pride because the defeat of the Axis powers was truly a great achievement and showed America at its best. Not only was America at its best on the battlefield, but here at home as well — scrap drives, rationing, the saving of cooking oils, the paper drives, the buying of war bonds and war stamps. The patriotism of Americans was a demonstration of our citizens at their finest!

We never wavered; we never doubted; we never spoke ill of our leaders. Oh sure, there were legitimate gripes and Monday morning quarterbacking. But, we had a war to be fought and won. Any second-guessing or any criticism would have to wait until victory was ours. When the national anthem was played, we all stood at attention and silently prayed for a brother or father or son fighting in some land we had hardly heard of before.

There were many people who did not like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but the nation was more unified during those World War years than it had been since anyone could remember.

But, here in the year 2009 with what the liberals in Congress and the president himself are doing and saying, I must say it . . . If those boys knew 64 years ago what they were dying for, would they have done it?

When I see what a travesty has unfolded and how our culture and standards have deteriorated to such a low, tawdry level, I believe we dishonor those great heroes who lie in sanctified ground in Arlington National Cemetery and other graves all around the world.

Somebody has got to say these things. I guess it has to be me. If those brave men had known what this once great Republic would become, would they do it? Would they have shed their blood for this?

What do you think?

Bob Grant

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