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A GOP Win!

November 4, 2009

Now that the elections in Virginia, New Jersey and a few selected areas of New York are finalized, I would like to add my analysis to the chorus pontificating all over the nation.

First of all, I would like to comment on the governor’s race in the state of Virginia. Most of all, I salute the voters of the commonwealth for their repudiation of their vote of last year when they gave Barack Obama the first victory a Democratic presidential candidate had for decades.

Secondly, and of almost too delicious a taste to contain myself, is the repudiation of the Washington Post. The Post is the twin of the New York Times. Both of these publications believe they are the source of all political wisdom and social justice.

The Washington Post was an arm of the Creigh Deeds for governor campaign. They worked tirelessly and in a typically scurrilous manner to defeat the Republican candidate by trying to make the major issue in the campaign the college thesis he wrote over 20 years ago.

In that academic paper he suggested one of the main reasons for the erosion of the American family was the fact so many women had entered the work force. In no way were his words pejorative of American women. Yet, the ultra liberal organ of the left thought it could elect Deeds by constantly making the non story appear to be what the contest should be all about.

In short, the Republican won even though the Washington Post and the White House had not ordained it. In New Jersey, the story is just as tasty. New Jersey has been home to the corrupt rule of Democrats like Jim McGreevey. You mean you have forgotten him already? He’s the gay governor who hired his boyfriend (or is it lover) to be New Jersey homeland security director even though the boyfriend wasn’t even an American citizen. Can you imagine?

And don’t forget Senator Robert Torricelli who had to be removed from the ballot because all his transgressions were coming to light. New Jersey’s most recent governor was Jon Corzine, who spent over $60 million to win a United States Senate seat in the year 2000, only to resign from the Senate in 2005 in order to succeed Jim McGreevey.

Corzine became unpopular overnight by immediately raising the sales tax, the income tax, tolls on the Garden State Parkway, and in general being an obnoxious presence on the New Jersey scene. He left office the way he came in . . . a sleazebag by virtue of his dirty, vicious campaign against a fine man like Chris Christie.

But, let us look ahead and look forward to a new day on the political horizon; a day where the real Barack Obama has been unmasked and where once again the Republican Party of the Ronald Reagan days could take the reigns of leadership in America once again.

All we need now is another Ronald Reagan!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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