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Columbia Professor Punches Female Colleague<

November 12, 2009

It didn’t make big headlines, but I suspect if the racial composition of an event that occurred in a bar in the Columbia University environs were different, the story would have been on the front pages of every newspaper in America.

I am referring to a story about a black Columbia architecture professor who punched a white woman employee of the university in the face! This professor, whose name is Lionel McIntyre, is an angry, contentious person who sounds like he hates whites and, perhaps, even himself.

There are many people of both races who are cursed in this manner. The difference in the races is not so much the difference within each group. Rather, the salient difference is how the two races (black and white) are portrayed by the liberal and not so liberal media.

As a person who has paid a heavy price for speaking candidly about race, I can tell you those of us who are white are always so careful in what we say and the way we say it. But, a black person like the ultra angry Lionel McIntyre doesn’t have to weigh his words and they don’t have to apologize for anything.

Apparently this black faculty member was carrying a seething anger from a previous discussion with the woman, whose last name is Davis. She and the professor were in a heated exchange when the black professor suddenly hauled off, and according to an eyewitness, “sucker punched” the woman so hard she fell down and suffered a black eye. An onlooker protested to McIntyre, “You shouldn’t hit a lady like that.” Whereupon, the angry professor is supposed to have punched that fellow also. Maybe the fact he too was white was enough to justify the blow.

The point of this episode is that it represents the dilemma many white folks find themselves in because whites are more frightened of being called racist than anything else. Whereas blacks don’t have to give it a second thought since we have all acquiesced and surrendered to the absurd dictum that it is impossible for a black person to be prejudiced. As long as this freakish mindset is permitted to go unchallenged, we will continue to be victimized by this double standard.

When I was friendly with former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, we had many private discussions on things of this nature. He admitted his fear was that something he might say could be misconstrued to be racist and asked me if I ever thought about the consequences of some things I said on the air. I asked what consequences he was referring to. He replied without hesitation that he was concerned about race riots! And that is the unmentioned “elephant in the room.”

We are afraid of civil conflagration. And, we are afraid for good reason since the riots in most American cities following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. have left scars on not only the cities themselves, but on our psyche as well. That is the unmentionable, the words “race riot.”

So when push comes to shove as the saying goes, one group can push all it wants, and the other better think twice before it shoves. The final chapter in this long history of race relations has not been written and perhaps it never will be.

Wouldn’t we all be better off if we could talk openly and freely without fear? You have only your own hypocrisy to lose if you do so.

But then again, I cannot blame you for not wanting to get punched in the face!

Bob Grant

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