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Will Obama Prosecute Bush Administration For Waterboarding?

April 24, 2009

I remember reading about “show trials” when I was barely out of elementary school. I read about the show trials conducted by the NKVD, the dreaded predecessor of the KGB, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics security agency.

These shows had nothing to do with ascertaining the guilt or innocence of the accused. There was no fact finding, examination of evidence, no testimony by real witnesses. As a matter of fact, no defendant had a defense attorney. The judge was not really sitting in judgment; he was already prepared to hand down the verdict which, of course, everyone knew was GUILTY!

To be charged of a crime by the Soviet government was tantamount to being charged, tried and convicted, and, of course, executed in most cases. Or you could be sentenced to life in the Gulag, the Soviet penal labor camps, which truly was a fate far worse than death.

The question arises, if the accused is preordained to be guilty, then why bother with the trial? The trial is precisely to show the population what happens to “enemies of the state!” It is indeed a show even though it may not really be a trial.

In the l937 and l938 show trials, Joseph Stalin, truly one of history’s most ruthless, sociopathic rulers, had many generals and officers of lesser rank annihilated after a show trial. It sent a message!

I have read many books on the subject of Joseph Stalin. The only reason most Americans today are not aware of this cruel, ruthless, psychopathic is two-fold; one, they don’t teach much history in schools in America and secondly, so many professors had a soft spot in their hearts for communism and yes, in some cases, even Joe Stalin.

Also, remember Adolph Hitler got most of the attention, which of course he certainly deserved. But if you want to play the numbers game, Joe Stalin accounted for more deaths than anyone, save Mao Tse-Tung, the leader of the Communist Party in China.

But why am I going on about show trials? Because George Soros, John Conyers, Pat Leahy and the rest of the far left who are running things in Washington, want revenge against their enemy . . . no, not al-Qaida, but the people who served in the George W. Bush administration.

And because President Barrack Obama is a clever fraud, he is pretending it is not his call. He says he’ll leave it up to the U.S. attorney general who happens to be a far left-winger who is really no different than the bunch from!

What time does the show start? Rather ask, what time does the trial start? And don’t ask the president. He doesn’t really know until his bosses tell him.

Heaven help us. The Obama administration is turning out worse than even I had feared or imagined.

Bob Grant

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