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December 17, 2009

Wednesday morning on my UBATV Internet show, I interviewed Martin Gross, a columnist for the Washington Post and author of the bestselling book, “National Suicide: How Washington is Destroying the American Dream from A to Z,” published by Berkley Trade.

Martin Gross has been a lifelong Democrat. He says the Democrat presidents he lauds were Harry S. Truman, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. Since Kennedy, he feels the Democrat party has become the Socialist Party. This is a man who writes a column for the Washington Post! That’s right, the same newspaper that supports Democrats and only Democrats even if they are not really Democrats, but socialists.

Mr. Gross points out with facts and figures how the Obama administration is destroying America by heaping on ever increasing debt. I asked him why we are doing that, and he said we are not doing that. Obama and the Democrats are doing that precisely because their intent is to topple the American economy so completely that they will be able to start from scratch and create a one-party socialist-communist nation.

Gross points out that everything Barack Obama has done thus far demonstrates he is not interested in saving the nation’s economy from collapse, but rather hopes to hasten its demise. Strong language? Over the top? I don’t think so in view of the fact that Obama himself promised that his administration would change America as it has never been changed before! Add to that rhetoric Obama’s closest advisors and political teachers plus his close ties with revolutionaries like William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Saul Alinsky.

When someone like Martin Gross sounds the alarm, we all should listen. But will we? Will enough of us be smart enough next November to vote the Republicans back in control of Congress?

If we don’t, then we will have missed the only chance we have. And if the GOP should retake at least the U.S. House, then we will keep our eye on them to make sure they do whatever is necessary to save America!

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