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Obama’s Killing Uncle Sam

September 25, 2009

I saw a cartoon in a New York newspaper which showed President Barack Obama standing below the United Nations speaker’s stand after delivering his address to the international body. Obama was shaking hands with “Uncle Sam.” He asked Uncle Sam, “How did I do?” Uncle Sam didn’t say anything, but there was a knife stuck in his back!

This cartoon, unfortunately, tells an incredible story. Here we have the president of the United States, who is supposed to be not just our leader but our spokesman, our representative to the rest of the world, but most of all, our defender.

Who was it who said, “My country . . . may she always be right, but right or wrong it is MY country?” Perhaps that might be too simplistic for the self-appointed seer of America. To those of you, who have not followed our 44th president’s verbal peregrinations, let me bring you up-to-date.

There is something that happens to Barack when he is in front of a foreign audience. Who can forget his campaign speech given in Germany during the summer of 2008? Here was this audacious, ambitious, narcissistic man proclaiming himself not the leader of the United States of America, not even as a citizen of the United States of America. He was proclaiming himself as a citizen of the world!

And after he fooled the people into electing him that autumn, he began his trips abroad in places such as Cairo, Egypt where he spent most of his time telling his Islamic audience how terribly unfair the United States has been to the Muslim world, and how his predecessor (although he never mentions George W. Bush by name) had not even handed in his foreign policy actions.

Time and time again whenever Barack Obama makes a speech on foreign affairs, he is sure to point to his own country’s shortcomings and the wrongs that have been perpetrated against virtually any nation in the world. He has been absolutely sycophantic to Vladimir Putin, current prime minister of the despotic Russian government. He pulls his punches ever so cleverly when talking about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and, for that matter, Kim Jong-il, leader of North Korea.

It doesn’t take the genius of Einstein to see that Barack does not really feel like an American. I sense that he never has felt like an American, and, considering his background and his mentors, why should we be surprised that the guy who refused to wear an American flag tie pin should not really feel like an American?

Do you blame him? Would you feel a sense of patriotism if your father was a Kenyan and your mother a rootless traveler with a gypsy mindset? What can we really expect from a man who listened to the lunatic ravings of an America-hating racist like Jeremiah Wright? What could we expect from a man who was weaned on the Marxist philosophy of a Saul Alinsky? What could we expect from a man who has been longtime friends with activist William Ayers?

What could we expect from someone who is not proud enough of his birthplace to let anyone see his birth certificate? Need I ask any more questions?

And if you should ask those questions, so what? You and I are just American citizens. What do we know?

And besides, even though we criticize our 44th president on the issues and with total validity, our words are meaningless once we are called racists.>/p>

Bob Grant

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