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May 14, 2009

Well, the longer I live, the more I read and hear, the more I become convinced the world is more and more like a school room of obstreperous, naughty children. Children, who if left to their own devices will create havoc and destruction, not only to the world around them but to themselves as well!

When I read the various news headlines from around the world it only strengthens my belief that we are doomed because one day we will figuratively and literally blow ourselves up.

For example, how does this strike you? This is the actual headline, mind you: “Trolley driver responsible for crash was a transgender male texting his girlfriend while driving!” Now what is a transgendered man? It is a person who was born a female, doesn’t want to be a female, and declared herself a man.

Forget the surgery and the cosmetics, it is society that is at fault. I think it is wrong that we go ahead and act like there is nothing freakish about the whole thing. Do we really think there is nothing odd, to say the least, about changing gender? I believe most people feel the same way I do, but are afraid of being called a “transgenderphobe!”

And what about the hypocrites in the homosexual community who don’t believe the First Amendment is for anybody but them? Why are we so afraid of the gay and lesbian community? Would someone please tell me? I’d like to know.

More on this and other troublesome matters in further editions of the Bob Grant online web site. Let me hear from you. How else will I know if I’m the only sane guy left on this earth?

Bob Grant

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