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Should We Wage War on Terrorists?

November 16, 2009

Now it is official! We are not really at war with Islamic terrorists. We are a peace loving nation who has no enmity whatsoever toward anyone.

Right now, our main mission is to undo the harsh reactions of the previous administration. The George W. Bush administration overreacted to the horrific, savage, barbarous attack of September 11th, 2001.

Just because over three thousand Americans were slaughtered in their offices of the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C., is no reason to declare war on a group of people who believe those who are not Muslims should all be killed because they are infidels.

Isn’t it a strange world where one group of people is ceded the high ground and the rest of us quiver and quake in fear of another attack? We can’t even make up our minds about this fiend, Nidal Malik Hasan. It is a good thing he didn’t die before he had a chance to kill a 13 Americans and wound 30 more.

After all, he did invoke the blessing of Allah before he fired his lethal bullets. To prove what a fair and just people we are, we cannot even call him what he really is . . . a vicious, fanatical Muslim zealot, whose only mission in life is to kill as many Americans as he can. Instead we have to refer to him as the alleged shooter, or the accused attacker. And, above all, we have to be patient if we want him to pay for his unspeakable act.

Already American lawyers are planning their defense of this monster. They are happy to appear on the plethora of talk shows to say how they would defend him, instead of being noble Americans and proudly saying their calling does not permit the defending of enemies of our country and indeed of all mankind.

No, these shysters will be only too happy to hog the spotlight while his trial drags on and on, costing millions of dollars which the American taxpayer will have to pay.

If all of this shameful indignity isn’t enough, we have the spectacle of the five terrorist big shots who were treated as though they were killers and destroyers of America. How uncouth of the Bush-Cheney administration to actually waterboard any of them just to get information which could thwart and deter any further attacks which could kill even more Americans.

And along comes Barack Obama and his equally anti-American attorney general, Eric Holder, who will try to expunge the excesses of the Bush years by releasing these killers from the dreaded "Gitmo." They want to provide them with their rightful day in court — a long running farce in the American court system where all the constitutional guarantees will be afforded them.

And it will be there in the American court system that we all make sure that they are never referred to as what they are . . . terrorists. Instead we will conscientiously call them the accused and the alleged transgressors.

And, after spending $100 million or more dollars on this trial, and making the surviving relatives of these victims relive the agony of September 11 through the trial proceedings, maybe then they will be sent to an ultra modern jail facility in Illinois so they will not be too far away from the home city of their cousin, Barack.

And then again, for any number of bizarre reasons, some of them or all of them could be found not guilty! We won’t really know how all of this runs out for maybe a year or more.

In the meantime, those of us who were once proud to be Americans will bear the shame of being called craven cowards! I am sorry, but that is the way I feel.

If any of you have any objections, please write to And, thank you for reading this.

Bob Grant

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