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Lost Spirit That Was America

August 3, 2009

I have been credited time and time again with being ahead of the curve, of saying things on my radio program long before they came to pass. I am sorry to say I have been right so many times because of what I have forseen.The things have not been pleasant for the future of the once great republic which I see going down the drain - thanks to the election of Barack Obama.

It really isn’t his fault. It is our fault and we are reaping the seeds we have sewn. I fear we have not learned our lesson. Celebrity never was and never can be a substitute for statesmanship. So, here is the editorial I gave on the air 15 years ago.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Bob Grant Monologue, February 15, 1994

Isn’t that curious, ladies and gentlemen? He has a firm, he hires people, they’re college graduates, they’re high school graduates, and yet they can’t even write simple English.

That is why I say we are slipping and sliding towards Third Worldism. One of the traits that mark Third World status is people not being proficient in a unified national language.

You know, I did not think in my lifetime, I was a little kid when World War II broke out, and I remember people saying, “Oh, how terrible! Oh, the Japs are going to be over here! The Nazis are going to be over here! We’ve got to beat them!”

And all the fear, all the fear was focused on external enemies. And, of course, because the United States was a unified, European-based nation, because we were not involved with multiculturalism and diversity, because everybody heard Irving Berlin&8217;s “God Bless America” and got a lump in their throat, a tear in the eye, stood tall, sang it and meant it. And a guy by the name of Al Jolson sang a song called “Praise the Lord and Pass The Ammunition,” we were together as we have never been since.

And because of the great spirit in America . . . And if you look at the statistics, you’ll find that in a short period of time producing 102,000 tanks, 129,000 aircraft, and it goes on and on. Over 12 million people under arms — Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, winning that incredible two-front war, defeating the mighty Japanese Imperial Army, destroying Yamamoto’s Japanese fleet at the Battle of Midway. Just a short time after we got off the canvas from Pearl Harbor, remember that was June of 1942, the Battle of Midway. Pearl Harbor was on December 7, 1941.

Right after that, next thing you know, we’re in a Cold War and again there is fear, the fear of an external enemy, the fear of some foreign power destroying America. The fear that out of Moscow, Joe Stalin would unleash Satanic forces which would bring us to our knees.

But guess what? The Nazis are gone! The Imperial Japanese are gone! Even the Soviet Union is gone! And yet I am witnessing the destruction of my country!

Am I overstating it? Perhaps to you I am, but to me I do not say this lightly. I cannot believe that the demise of the United States of America is happening the way it is, bit-by-bit, day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month. The hallowed institutions that have made this country, sustained this country, are being dismantled.

We are taught a fake, phony history — if we’re taught history at all. We are dismantling that glue that held us together — a unifying language. We are losing the institutions that took a polyglot, diverse people and glued us together.

The school system, take New York City, the school system: How many of you can remember when the school system of New York was considered one of the best in the nation? I did not grow up in New York but I knew about the New York school system. I heard about Erasmus Hall High School. I heard about Boys’ High (now it’s Boys’ and Girls’ High).

I heard about those schools that were legendary because of the graduates. I heard about the Bronx School of Science. I heard about Brooklyn College. I heard about kids who worked and scraped in order to get through school.

But what’s happened? In the name of integration, in the name of forced busing, what have we done? We’ve dismantled the whole damned thing! It’s not worth . . . a degree is not worth the paper it’s printed on anymore.

And Dom, who called before, he knows it. Everybody knows it. But we pretend otherwise. And we see those phony public service commercials on television: the kid’s got a cap and gown and he’s being hugged and embraced because he’s got a diploma.

What does a diploma mean? What does the degree mean? It means we’re pretending. Herman Badillo comes in and he says there was a time when you had to pass, you had to get passing grades in order to go from sixth to seventh-grade, but not anymore!

You don’t even have to show up! We have surrendered to the brigands, to the Vandals, to the Visigoths! We have surrendered!

We’re just playing out our days . . . playing out our days . . .


That slams the lid onthings for today

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