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A New Socialist America

August 7, 2009

The White House propaganda machine is working around-the-clock to sabotage a genuine citizen uprising against the Obama kidnapping of the American healthcare program.

The program may not be the all-encompassing single payer socialist regime, but it is the best in the world with the emphasis on the individual being able to select and choose what he or she wants: not what a government bureaucrat tells you to have.

There are many protests going on all over the country. In some cases, the protests are in the form of e-mails and telephone calls. In many cases, the protests are spoken out loud at meetings and seminars. But, in all cases, these are outraged taxpaying American citizens who are angry and frightened.

So, practicing their First Amendment rights they are reminding the politicians that for the most part they are satisfied and would prefer to keep it that way.They also are aware of two major problems which would accrue if Sultan Obama gets his way.

The number one problem would be a huge increase in the already swollen federal deficit. And major problem number two is the fact that much of our freedom of choice would be taken away.

For example, you could really not choose your own doctor. Now the healthcare bill that the Sultan President wants enacted the day before yesterday, is 1,018 pages. No one knows what’s in it. Even that America hating Representative John Conyers of Michigan admitted he didn’t know what is in the legislation. And he doubts anybody else has read it either.

But, there have been some people who have brought to light at least five freedoms you will lose if the bill is passed. One of those freedoms will be the right to choose your own doctor. Now, according to the president’s White House Gestapo, if you are a loyal party member you should report what I am writing.

The Obama Gestapo wants every American reported for writing or saying false things about the president’s health plan. I will be the first one to admit I do make mistakes. I will tell you I do not have an editor going over every word I write. But, every opinion I have expressed and will continue to express is based on the information I have at hand, and my sense of right and wrong.

I also believe we have no right to trample on the Constitution. But, I do believe when Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency and kept talking about “change you can believe in,” he meant the very change he is thrusting down our throats right now . . . to change free enterprise America to socialist America.

If anybody cannot see that, it means that either they are stupid beyond belief or they, too, want a socialist America.

Heaven help us!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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