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Marching Down the Road to Socialism

October 22, 2009

There are three categories of news stories I want to write about today. The first category would be the story that purports to disclose information about some politician or group of politicians who always use the phrase, “The other side is putting party before the people. We put the people before the public.”

I must say the Democrats are much better at this charade than the Republicans. Maybe that is why Democrats these days win more elections than Republicans. Most of all, I am offended by the gullible public who has elected these bozos and are stupid enough to believe any politician is concerned primarily or even exclusively with the public welfare.

Remember, virtually every politician is concerned with one thing and one thing only . . . getting re-elected! If you are a politician in an agricultural state like the Dakotas or Iowa for example, you have no hesitation when it comes to voting for deficit-producing farm subsidies.

And, of course, there are those Democrats who are aware that many Americans are jealous of rich people; people who are successful and have become celebrities. They know that the covetous “underclass” wants something for nothing and so they create more and more entitlements.

There are thousands of entitlements today. We couldn’t enumerate them all. But all we were promised by our founders was “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Notice the words, PURSUIT of happiness. That means no one, especially not government, can guarantee happiness. But as time goes on, we grow farther and farther away from what our founders had intended.

We were marching down this socialist road even before Barack Obama became president. Only now, we are not marching down this socialist road, rather, we are sprinting down the road to failure of the human spirit.

If anybody cannot see this, it is because they are part of the problem. They are members of that covetous, unwashed mob that wants something for nothing. They are the storm troopers of Obama's New World Order.

If there was a country worth going to, and if I were younger than I am, I would go to that country because the country I knew and loved is no longer here.

I think of the lament I saw on a bumper sticker . . . “My America . . . where has it gone?”

Bob Grant

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