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July 31, 2009

Those feeders at the public trough are going to take a much undeserved August vacation. They call it a recess. But, whatever they call it, we, the gouged taxpayers, are paying for it.

It is truly amazing how docile the American taxpayer can be. It is astounding that, although we have at least a little knowledge of how much the members of Congress suck out of us, we continue to show them so much respect and trust.

It has been said many times by members of the press, as well as by many politicians themselves, “I don't like the Congress, but I like my congressman.” I have heard that pathetic truth my whole life, and, of course, the question is why? I think the answer lies mainly in the fact that the incumbent representative is forever sending the voter in his district baloney telling him or her how much he is doing for the folks in the district.

In another words, your representative is spending your tax dollars to tell you how hard he is working in your behalf. He or she may flatter you by inviting you — to guess what? — a fundraiser!

Can you imagine? I have known people who were actually thrilled and “honored” that they were invited to a fundraiser. I never heard any of them say how good the rubber chicken was, or how nice it was that the coffee was actually lukewarm. No, they were thrilled that they had their picture taken with the bag of wind and even shook his or her hand.

Now, I know I may sound unkind and perhaps I am insulting the poor taxpaying schlub who always gets screwed in the end. I mean no disrespect to the citizen. It is that I hate to see him manipulated and lied to and fooled time and time again.

After all, we are living in a country where celebrity is everything and instead of looking at our politicians as “public servants,” which is what they claim they are, we look upon them as the proverbial rock stars.

Our 22nd and 24th president, Grover Cleveland, said, “Public office is a public trust.” Grover Cleveland was called an honest man. To me, that makes him more unique in American history than the fact he is the only president to have served two separate terms.

He succeeded Chester A. Arthur, our 21st president, and then lost to Benjamin Harrison, our 23rd president, only to come back four years later and beat Harrison to become our 24th president.

I hope you will forgive the history lesson, but I find the subject of history to be addictive. The more I read it, the more I want to learn. Make no mistake, I do not think I qualify as a scholar. There is so much to learn and so little time to learn it. But, I find the journey exciting and rewarding. I know there is no one who knows all that he would like to know. That’s a lot of “knows,̶l; isn’t it?

So, the next time your congressman brags about all the places he has visited, ask him if he would go to the same places if he had to pay for all that luxury travel. He would give you a lot of hot air instead of an honest answer, but it might be worth it just to let him know that you are not the gullible fool that so many of your fellow citizens are.

And, above all, remember they are public servants, not public bosses! You are the boss!

Bob Grant

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