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Obama Awarded Peace Prize — For What?

October 9, 2009

I knew it!

I knew at least two things. Number one, Barack Obama would win the Nobel Peace Prize. And number two, that the networks and newspapers all over the nation would run that story as though they were announcing the second coming of Jesus Christ!

I, for one, am not surprised nor am I enthralled by the announcement. It has been revealed that Obama’s name was placed in nomination two weeks after he took office!

Obviously, it had been determined quite some time ago that the 44th and final president of the United States as a republic, would be the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize long before there was any serious discussion as to who would be most deserving of this ludicrous prize.

What does it mean? What is peace, but the absence of war? But there is always some war going on somewhere on this tumultuous planet. OK, so Barack Obama is the third U.S. president to be selected for this award. In 1906, it was Republican Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, whose most famous statement was probably, “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” who received the prize.

Now, that is one way to wage peace. Be strong enough and credible enough to frighten would-be aggressors. Since Teddy was also known by some detractors as the father of “gunboat diplomacy,” you could say he was really warlike and therefore not worthy of the peace prize. But, you should remember the wisdom that has been handed down by sages of yore, “If you want peace, you should prepare for war.”

Whatever history might think of these silly pointless prizes given for “peace,” is immaterial. It is interesting that Woodrow Wilson, of all people, won the prize in 1919. Wilson was the president who needlessly got us into World War I. That war between Britain, France, Russia and Italy, against the Austro-Hungarian empire, as well as Germany, was quite different from World War II.

There truly was no need for us to sacrifice all those fine young men in the trenches of France and Germany. Woodrow Wilson, by the way, was a real bigot. He stopped the U.S. military from being integrated and was a notorious hater of Italians. But he won the peace prize!

I could list many other creeps like Palestinian President Yasser Arafat who won the peace prize. Al Gore got the award in 2007. Of course, a putrid hypocrite like Jimmy Carter was their ideal recipient for 2002. I cannot say in this space all I would like to say about Jimmy Carter. I can tell you that one of the happiest days of my life was that November in 1980 when it was announced that Ronald Reagan had defeated Jimmy in the presidential election!

Now, to Obama, is there anyone dumb enough to believe that he truly deserves this dubious award? I doubt there are many who even know what the Nobel Peace Prize is or represents. But, then again, because Obama is our first president of color, that must be good for something and everything.

Does he deserve it? Does anybody deserve it? Outside of one man over two thousand years ago that comes to mind . . . has anyone really dedicated himself to the cause of peace?

Certainly not Obama!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

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