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Nora O’Donnell’s Toxic Remark

November 23, 2009

In case you hadn’t noticed, there is this statement on www. BobGrantOnline web site, to wit: “Somebody’s got to say these things . . . it has to be me!”

I must remind myself as well as my readers and viewers of that. I must remind you, especially when I once again test the “third rail” of politics; of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That third rail which, of course, is the rail that supplies the electricity for our railroad and subway trains and can kill a person if they inadvertently touch it.

I do not do this without realizing the consequences of practicing my First Amendment rights since I have done this before and paid the price. But, I have read statements made by a left-wing loon by the name of Norah O’Donnell, a MSNBC correspondent. I believe that is her name. Whether the name is correct or not is of no importance since the statement which inspired my reaction was made on MSNBC and since MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews nor anyone else disagreed with the statement.

The damning statement I refer to was this: “Racists are attracted to Sarah Palin. It is obvious since the hundreds of thousands of people lining up to get her autograph at a book signing affair seemed to be all white.”

First of all, what is a racist? And, are we to assume that when a black celebrity is mobbed by a black crowd that because they are all black and they therefore must be racists? This political correctness we are drowning in has become so toxic it causes the destruction of the reputations and careers of decent people.

Whose fault is it? Who is responsible for this frightening state of affairs in the United States of America? We all are guilty because we are, first of all, afraid to speak truthfully and openly, not with anger, but with openness and respect. And secondly, we are all guilty because we flee from anyone who is under attack.

Ironically, it was Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, “It is not so much the words of our enemies that hurts as much as the silence of our friends.” Since I have done some research on the subject of political correctness, I have found its roots in Marxism. Vladimir Lenin was a proponent of stifling criticism by carrying out the Marxist tactic of making only one group acceptable to the public and all other groups declared pariahs.

Today in America the group that wears the shroud of pariah is the European Americans. All other groups . . . blacks, Asians, Latinos, whatever, as long as they are not white European Americans, they are OK.

How long will this idiotic, self-destructive, genocidal madness go on? It will continue as long as we are too timorous to do anything about it!

Bob Grant

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