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Obama: Unprepared
to Lead or Govern

March 25, 2009

I have never seen anything like it. That is, I have never seen a new administration come into office so ill prepared to govern.

Not too long ago millions of not too bright Americans, and even many who were thought to be intellectually gifted, were swooning over Barrack Obama. What was it about him that had so many people mesmerized? Was it his race? Although, he is truly a mixture of two races, half Caucasian and half African-American. So maybe that was it.

I think rather it was a combination of several things. One of his most captivating qualities was his habit of applauding the audience as they applauded him. I recall many times seeing him make his way to the speakers stand, clapping for them while they cheered his progress to the rostrum.

I believe they thought he looked “cool.” He didn’t scream like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. He didn't have the “southern” accent of the menacing, threatening black “leaders” we were used to hearing. Yes, Barrack was cool as in the phrase “calm, cool, and collected.”

And his campaign was so well oiled. Hardly any missteps whether it was his campaign against Hillary Clinton in the primary or his campaign against the stumbling John McCain in the general election. But what a difference now that the presidency has been safely secured and 2012 is still far away.

I wonder how many of you are aware that more new executive jobs have been created by this president than any other? He can't make a successful appointment for most cabinet positions, but he does love to appoint “czars.”

What are these posts? If Tim Geithner is the Secretary of the Treasury, what does Larry Summers do? His official title is Director of the National Economic Council.

Or, for that matter, who is really responsible for conducting the business of the many cabinet and sub-cabinet departments? And what about people like Tom Daschle, and Bill Richardson who are just two examples of poor vetting? Does Mr. Cool really know what he's doing?

I don't think so. So, to my dear friend Rush Limbaugh, I say you don't have to hope Obama fails. In my opinion he already has.

That is to say he has proven he is a facade with no real substance. Unfortunately, we are in the boat with him, he is the captain of the ship, and we are all in danger of drowning!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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