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Obama Has Already Failed

April 7, 2009

As you must know, President Barrack Obama is back in the White House after his somewhat bizarre journey to Europe, Turkey, and even a surprise stop to visit our troops in Baghdad, Iraq.

What was really the purpose of this sojourn? Please understand that I realize the president of the United States has a right and a duty to travel in the pursuit of carrying out his official duties. Those duties entail a special focus on our crucial relationship to all the world powers and even nations which could never be thought of as world powers.

What he was doing in Turkey, I thought, was particularly important because Turkey has been shunned by the European nations, particularly France and Germany. What is it that causes the French and the Germans to fear the entrance of Turkey into the European Union? The irony of their distaste for the former Ottoman Empire is they haven’t been shy about accepting Turkish immigrants to do the work Germans and Frenchmen consider beneath them.

So I think it was fortuitous that Mr. Obama went to Turkey and said some of the things he said. However, what makes his trip somewhat bizarre is the compulsion the president has to keep apologizing in that rather surreptitious manner. Why does he feel the need to reiterate that he thinks the United States has been arrogant and dismissive to use two of the words he has repeated in his speeches?

The answer of course is the entire jaunt adds up to this, “Ladies and gentlemen of the world, I am not George W. Bush!!” Yes, that is what the subtext of his trip is. Even the president rarely, if ever, says the name of the former president. And it is painfully obvious that is what he is doing.

This only diminishes Mr. Obama and makes him appear petty. These apologies are totally unnecessary. And have you ever asked yourself what is there to apologize for? We are not beholden to those ungrateful relics of what they once were.

Oh, the United States was just fine as long as we were saving them from the Nazis and for 60 years keeping the Soviet Union contained. What about the Marshall Plan? What about all the other Cold War incidents where it was the United States and only the United States that made the difference between the Western Europeans remaining free and able to develop a thriving economy, or being crushed under the ruthless, bloody boot of Joseph Stalin.

As an American who remembers when America did not apologize for being the great, powerful nation we were, I am appalled and ashamed of my president. Of course, I didn’t vote for him, but unlike my dear friend, Rush Limbaugh, I did not want him to fail. Unless Obama changes his mind-set and his weak demeanor on the world stage, he is already a failure.

I write this more in sadness and anger than in glee.

Bob Grant

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