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Bo: The First Dog

April 21, 2009

Does anybody still say, “Boy! Does that ever get on my nerves,” or how about, “It's getting on my nerves?”

I was thinking about all the things that get on MY nerves the other day. Now of course, I may be more nervous than most people, so don’t use me as a weather vane. But there are so many annoyances, big and small, that at random I want to share them with you. After all, misery loves company.

In no particular order, how about this for starters: “The First Dog?” Where is it written that anybody has to have a dog? Where is it written that each new president can’t just have his spouse and perhaps children move in the White House with him; he has to have a dog.

And the breed of that canine has to be truly inspirational. So, when it was announced that the Obama family was going to yield to the media frenzy to have a dog, the speculation almost became obsessive on the part of all the television outlets, newspapers, magazines, talk shows, and just about every outlet except, thank God, the Animal Planet on cable television.

Finally the selection was made and the mandatory scenes were shown. Everything but, “See Spot! See Spot run! See Spot beg!” I don’t blame the president, I don’t blame the first lady, I certainly don't blame the children.

Who should I blame for this blithering inanity? I blame the media and most of all the phony American public who seems to think it makes us all more human and good and decent if we oohhh and ahhhh over a pet. Now don’t get me wrong. I think this Portuguese water dog is a cute addition to the White House. However, I don’t want to be constantly reminded of the “First Dog” by seeing him in every newspaper and on every television station.

I hope you will forgive my musings, but also forgive this. We knew once Obama was elected we were going to the dogs.


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