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GOP: Losing the Lead in N.J.’s Governor’s Race

October 23, 2009

Time to get some things off my chest.

Think that sounds strange coming from someone who doesn’t have an unexpressed thought in his head? You would be surprised. First of all, what I write now is written in spite of the fact it is the exact opposite of what I would like to see happen.

But here goes! A few months ago, here in the state of New Jersey, the political opinion polls had former U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie, fourteen points ahead of multi-millionaire, incumbent Governor Jon Corzine.

That fourteen point edge held consistently for several weeks. And then the Christie advantage began to diminish. And then it disappeared. Why, you ask? Did the people suddenly decide that they liked Jon Corzine after all?

Did they suddenly forget that he is a stooge for the labor unions? Did they suddenly forget that he did not keep his campaign promises? Did they suddenly forget that they pay the highest real estate taxes in the nation? Did they forget that he has tried all sorts of bookkeeping stunts to fool the voter?

No, it was none of these things. As a matter of fact, they didn’t change their opinion of Jon Corzine one bit. What occurred was the entry into the campaign of a stooge by the name of Chris Daggett, the alleged “independent” candidate.

Even the ultra liberal Star Ledger, New Jersey’s largest newspaper, seems to be part of the swindle. They endorsed Daggett and that’s where Christie’s plurality went . . . not to Corzine, but to Corzine’s stooge!

So, I am forced to predict a second term for the duplicitous Jon Corzine. The state of New Jersey is a one-party state. That doesn’t mean there are no Republican office holders. There are a few members of Congress who are members of the GOP. But there hasn’t been a Republican from New Jersey in the U.S. Senate since Clifford Case back in the 1970s.

I could enumerate all the elections in recent history where the Republicans should have won, but didn’t, because the peasants in this state cannot rid themselves of the obsession of being “Democrats.”

So, if you are interested in going into politics and you happen to believe in Republican principles of low taxes, the encouragement of small business, cutting wasteful spending, and encouraging the individual, why don’t you change affiliations and register as a Democrat?

That way, you can forget the notion of a two-party system where a person could run on the issues and not party labels. Let’s all declare our allegiance to the jackass and say good-bye to the elephant.

On second thought, why don’t we drop Republican principles and restore the monarchy? Let’s dispense with free elections. They are too costly and too messy. Why bother with all the clumsiness of contested elections?

We could do away with them in places like New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland and many other states like Barack Obama's Kenya . . . er . . . Illinois.

After we stop this charade of free and open elections, the money we save might help to pay for the trillions of dollars in socialist programs the “cool one” has in mind for this America he is creating.

The more I think about it, the better I like it.

Down with democracy! It’s over!

Bob Grant

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