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A Tax Nightmare

April 13, 2009

Here I am sitting at my keyboard about to type today’s column, and I find myself bereft of any ambition and drained of all my energy. The reason I feel so hopeless and yes, even raped, is I have just finished sending an obscene amount of money to the governments.

Notice the plural; not government, but governmentsssss. The first I wrote to the Tim Geithner treasury. Yes, I’m talking about the same Tim Geithner who had to acknowledge he did not pay all of his taxes a few years ago and had to pay up before he could be confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury. And I had to make out a check to Jon Corzine, New Jersey’s governor, a multi-millionaire who believes in high taxes for everybody else and presides over a state budget that caters to the New Jersey Education Association, better known as the teachers’ union.

And then I had to make out a check to Gov. David Paterson of the once great state of New York, even though I haven’t lived in New York for thirty years. However, they still want their cut because I have been heard on a New York radio station from time to time, even though I haven't actually stepped foot in that cauldron of waste and corruption not one time in 2008 to make a buck.

By the way, did I forget to tell you that Gov. Paterson also had owed some taxes, but once he had to take over for the sexually active Eliot Spitzer, he too had to pay up? I have been paying the tax collectors for a long time, and no doubt, even after I have been permanently released from this mortal coil, whatever is left in my humble estate will be siphoned off by the leeches.

But, what did I get for all the taxes I have paid? I’m not just talking about all the income taxes, but don’t forget all the sales taxes, excise taxes. And without boring you to tears, I will simply say experts estimate we pay about 27 different taxes every year.

And what do we get for the ransom we have to pay? Corruption abounds since there is no one in government who seems to really care about the taxpayer, even though when they run for public office they claim they do!

The fact is most politicians don’t really care about us. All they really care about is getting elected and then getting re-elected. And, of course, they care about getting their friends and relatives and their wives’ relatives jobs of some kind if they can work it out. And when they make all those promises to “the great middle class” they so fervently care about, they pay for the promises with our tax dollars.

And perhaps the worst part about it all is the way the income tax is set up. It’s progressive — the more you make the more proportionately you pay. And you still have to fill out multiple forms, show where everything went, etc. God forbid we should scrap all the claptrap and put all the accountants out of business and go to a flat tax, or better yet a consumption tax!

I am sorry if I spent this page crying on your shoulder. I know you can’t do anything about it because if you could you would . . . for yourself at least.

And so here it is another year, and at least we can’t say there has been no movement. There has been movement only it’s all been in the wrong direction.

And by the time Mr. Obama is finished with us, we will be paying less because we will be making less, and we will have less. It’s sick out there and getting sicker!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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