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America May Never Be the Same

June 11, 2009

More people are writing to me these days saying, “Bob, you should have warned us about Obama!” Where have these people been?

I was on WABC Radio throughout the election year of 2008. During that fateful year, I broadcast everyday that Barack Obama was not fit to be president of the United States. His possible victory was of such a concern to me that I found myself rooting for Hillary Clinton, for heaven’s sake!

And what was it about Obama that had me so concerned? First of all, his total lack of experience in national and international affairs concerns me. And secondly, his avoiding going on record by voting “present” more than any state of Illinois senator had ever done, and more than any U.S. senator is problematic in itself.

Why does a member of any elected legislative body vote “present” rather than “yes” or “no”? It is to avoid going on record and having a vote come back to haunt a candidate. Or possibly it could be because the person is not sufficiently informed, which in Obama’s case, I sincerely doubt.

Obama is many things, but he is not stupid. He is rather cunning and clever. He also has a great persona. I call him “Mr. Cool.” And that was one of the reasons so many people voted for him. He seemed so cool when he was introduced at campaign rallies. He seemed so different and above it all when he would applaud the audience as he walked to the center of the stage. We had never seen any American politician do that before from either party.

And when Obama spoke, he didn’t stumble. His voice was smooth and deep. He sounded so in control and so sure of himself and relaxed. He was so good in his performance most people didn’t realize he was using a teleprompter! There is nothing wrong with using a teleprompter, but when not able to use one, does President Obama sound the same?

I do not wish to belabor the point, but quite often the package of anything or even anyone is better than the product. Obama’s demeanor is so well constructed that he did fool most of us. And because his performance was so good, we believed the incredible lie that he really didn’t realize what Reverend Jeremiah Wright was all about ? had no idea his pastor hated America with such a vitriolic passion!

Obama really didn’t know William Ayers all that well. He didn’t really care to mention that his middle name was indeed Hussein. Ah, but after being safely elected he is actually touting his middle name. And why not? Now that he is safely ensconced in the White House, it’s OK to be a Muslim. It’s OK to reach out to Iran to anybody out there who does not wish us well, because he is protecting us in a most cynical and stealthful manner.

For Obama, his clever and dishonorable tactic is to constantly target and attack his predecessor. Go abroad and tell the Europeans that you didn’t like George W. Bush either! Go to Arab countries and tell them you are not like that awful guy who used to be president. Stand up before 200,000 Germans and say you are not just an American citizen ? you are a citizen of the world!

Hooray, Mr. President, that’s the way to protect America. Show the rest of the world you don’t like America either. Reverend Wright must be proud of you! Dear reader, if all this seems a bit much, how else do you explain his obvious dislike of our country? After all, in just under five months he has dismantled the American free enterprise system and nationalized the auto industry, eviscerated our intelligence agencies, weakened our military, and shown the North Koreans and the Iranians they have nothing to fear from him.

Could it be that his crowning achievement will be in July when he meets Putin and his stooges in the Kremlin, and tells them he wants America to rid itself of nuclear weapons and maybe the Russians will do the same?

I am forced to write that I do believe the 44th president of the United States is on a mission to either destroy America as we have known it for over two centuries, or to change it in such a way it will constitute virtual destruction.

And if this gloomy prediction has any fulfillment, it is nobody’s fault but our own!

Bob Grant

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