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The Most Dangerous Man in America

September 9, 2009

There he goes again! It’s another exhibition of Barack Obama’s narcissism.

There are some politicians who love campaigning and there are others who don’t enjoy campaigning very much. I will bet on the one who loves campaigning most of the time. However, the one who loves to campaign is the one who is more likely to be a demagogue, a charlatan.

In short, the politician who loves campaigning is by definition a narcissist. And in my lifetime I have seen many. But Barack Obama is the champion and he is just getting started.

What he is doing this week is proving once again this is the most dangerous man in America.

That, I will agree is a very strong statement. However, here is my case for making such an audacious pronouncement.

•First of all, Obama has all the power.

•There is no one who is constitutionally as powerful.

•There is no one who has the bully pulpit he has.

•There is no one who can command the attention he can command.

Of course, this is true of any president, but this president is the first one in our history who wants to overthrow the form of government we have had since this once great republic was founded well over two hundred years ago.

To be a truly dangerous “leader” one must have the power and the intent to do harm. I charge Barack Obama is so radical in his philosophy and ideology that he does pose a clear and present danger to the nation. He will do what dictators had always done.

This week, for example, he addressed school children. He even had his minions compose outlines of letters that school children should send him so those letters could be read out loud in classrooms all across America!

I remember all too well reading about German children learning to write letters to “der Fuherer,” which meant “the leader” in German, and was used to refer to Adolph Hitler. What about the 33 “czars̶l; Obama has appointed? These are people with absolute authority in various industries and enterprises.

Where is the congressional approval as is done when cabinet officers are nominated? There has been no vetting of any kind apparently. Why else would someone like Van Jones be appointed a “green jobs czar”? And what is a green job anyway?More importantly, why is a communist appointed to any government post? And why was a racist like Van Jones, who is vile and crude and burning with hate for white people, considered?

Why did Obama plan to keep this maniac in the White House? I’ll tell you why. Because Van Jones said things Obama himself would like to say, but knows he is not entrenched enough to get away with it.

But, surely, he must believe Van Jones is right when he talks about white people the way he does and surely he must enjoy knowing that Jones called Republicans a**h****! We are in deep trouble in America when we should realize we have elected a fox to guard the hen house.

We should shudder to know how a boob like Joe Biden is allowed to be the vice president of the United States — a man who has lied so often he himself doesn’t know for sure what is coming out of his mouth!

Remember, this is a man who had to drop out of the presidential race in 1988 when he was caught stealing a speech from Neil Kinnock, the British candidate for prime minister. How could the Democrat Party allow him back in the arena?

Oh, I forgot, they are Democrats and after all, they connect perfectly well with the many morons that make up the greatest number of Democrat voters.

If you are wondering whether I have contempt for Democrats and none for Republicans, wonder no more. Republicans, with some exceptions, are infected with a disease called cowardice.

But the GOP is our only hope, unfortunately.

And therefore, we have got to instill in them some backbone because the only thing to do is to see to it that the party gains strength and begins winning elections once again!

Bob Grant

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