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Rush And The GOP Leader Controversy

March 11, 2009

Is there anything else in the news besides the question of who is the leader of the Republican Party? And, of course, the reason for that silly question is the involvement of Rush Limbaugh.

Now I think I may know Rush a little better than most people. I know the man is a gentleman. Only last year at this time did he devote a portion of his radio program to defending me against the perfidy of Radio & Records magazine.

In his book, “The Way Things Ought to Be,” he paid tribute to me for blazing the trail for him and others who were to come along, gaining fame and fortune as radio talk show hosts.

So, I yield to no one in my appreciation and respect for Rush. But, hasn’t this talk about what Rush said and who is he speaking for gone on too long?

And this nonsense about who is the leader of the GOP makes me cringe. Since when does the “out” party have a leader? In Congress, we’ve got the Senate Minority leader and in the House of Representatives we have the House leader. You must have heard all this over the weekend a thousand times. I will not say another word about it.

I must, however, congratulate the three devils, Rahm Emanuel, Paul Begala, and James Carville. This trio of devious duplicitous vultures have shifted the public’s attention away from the numerous missteps taken by the Obama administration to a non issue.

I can say proudly that from the beginning I had great concern over an Obama presidency. From the looks of things thus far, the future does not look very promising. If Barack Obama were the Manchurian candidate, he would be conducting the affairs of state much the same way he is.

As a matter of fact, shouldn’t we be wary of a president who, in the past, has been quoted as saying, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction?” Muslim or not, President Obama does not believe in capitalism, does not believe in free enterprise, does not believe in the traditions of the United States! I hope I'm wrong, but I fear I am right when I say this change agent is instead the agent for change . . . change for the worse.

I pray the future will prove I am mistaken.

Bob Grant

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