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Limbaugh’s Motivational Message

March 2, 2009

I watched the proceedings of this year’s CPAC convention being held in Washington D.C. as I do every year at this time. I have attended almost all the previous conclaves, but this year I didn’t make it. And do I ever wish I had been there!

As I understand it there was an atmosphere of hope not seen in many years. Some people asked me why that is so. Good question. I think I have the answer.

Since 2006 when the Democrats won both houses of Congress, there has been a very pessimistic feeling on the part of most of us on the right. One of the reasons for this downcast has been our muted, but distinct disillusionment with George W. Bush. There is a great deal that needs to be said about “43,” but that would require much study and the efforts of historians, political scientists, and well meaning Americans who are looking for answers to try to explain what happened to the former president.

Those of us who don’t hate him, never have hated him, and were always rooting for him, are hurt that a man who thrilled us with his narrow victory in the 2000 election over the duplicitous, unctuous Al Gore, and then surprised a lot of people with his triumph over the inept, ponderous pretender, John Kerry, in 2004, could become seemingly so disconnected with everything.

But, back to this year’s CPAC convention . . . this year’s meeting will probably go down in history as the Rush Limbaugh convention. His stirring, inspirational, no nonsense address should give those of us who are conservatives renewed hope that we are not doomed to the wilderness in perpetuity, that we will make a comeback, that we can come back, that we must come back so America, as we have known it, is not gone forever.

First of all, lets recognize that the larger our tent, the better our chances of defeating the Democrats. We have got to stop this constant intra party contest to see who can be the most “conservative” Republican in the room. We must learn from our opponents.

And what is the lesson they can teach us? The lesson is to never apologize for what we stand for. The lesson is to not be afraid to use the word Republican. After all, if you read the documents, the letters, the texts of our founding fathers, the word Republican was used more that the word Democrat. Check it out if you don’t believe me.

And remember when we pledge allegiance to the flag, it is also the “the REPUBLIC” for which it stands. In short, we’ve got to get on the offensive and stay on the offensive. We mustn’t get sucked into the trap the liberals always set for us.

That trap is whenever they are guilty (which is almost always) of some incompetence or chicanery, they will go on the attack with some tangential charge. And then what do we do? Why, of course, we spend time foolishly defending ourselves when no defense is needed.

If we lose these political battles because the American people are stupid, that’s unfortunate for us and our country. But for heaven’s sake, let’s not lose by default.

And so I say thanks to Rush for saying what he did, and I can only hope his memorable, motivational speech literally ignited a fire that grows to be a mammoth glowing and bright beacon for all of us who know that if we don’t mobilize to take back our country now, we never will because it will be too late!

Bob Grant

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