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May 22, 2009

The following is one of the many letters received by Bob Grant each week in response to his columns:

Dear Bob Grant,

Bob, I agree with your analysis concerning the Republican Party. Though there are seeds growing within and perhaps as your many imitators or devoted followers on the air waves have emphasized, “keep the faith.”

Perhaps Mark Levin and or Rush have led a call best to promote those within the party who demonstrate conservative values. Unfortunately, the evil empire of the Democrats presides and continually challenges those who really represent the will of the people.

Most certainly this is not “Star Wars” or even “Babylon 5” but the United States as we have known it facing some of the greatest challenges it will face. To paint a bad picture or even a good one probably won’t change anything.

Rather, I feel that as long as communication exists to properly inform the populous, eventually a correction will come about? not to reverse all of the damage but to continue advancing the ultimate cause.

Most people are aware as problems come about ? the gubernatorial elections of Jim McGreevey, Jon Corzine, and James Florio are prime examples. Yes, the opposition keeps getting more elected, but to correct these mismanagers of government eventually the people elect a better leader.

No, the replacements are not as conservative as one would expect but that does seem to be the trend. All I can state to you, as a consumer of your ideas and opinions, is that I await your analysis of every election. My thinking and voting reflects much of your research and sometimes insider knowledge about existing political figures and their challengers. So yes, my opinion as well as vote counts, but it is a collective of those media to which I read, watch, and listen.

So please continue to comment more about political clashes such as the current one between Chris Christie and Steve Lonegan for New Jersey governor, as well as others. If the voters learn more besides these nonsense ad campaigns through the commentators/media; the fake, phony, frauds will not get away with this bought advertising used to confuse as well as distort.

This is a vital function in which I have always felt you and your contemporaries need to apply more focus and attention to. In my humble opinion as a regular citizen, struggling to afford a day by day existence with employers folding up operations, and a government growing our debt as well as its power, I need your voice/opinion.

Always understand, you may be a pessimist, but it was unobtainable and inconceivable that this great republic had ever reached its apex. It did. And I strongly believe that as history has repeated itself over and over, so shall this republic. The odds of the United States, in spite of her mistakes, becoming Marxist are very low. In fact, there are too many of us to educate and resist.

This, sir, is something that you started on the radio. Others performed this service on paper prior to the electronic media in which was some of the foundation of the Bob Grant era.

Through communication, the great republic will continue to meet its ever growing challenges and thrive through example. Thanks to you, generations will meet this test as well as face the odds.



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