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The Demise of America

July 4, 2009

Here we are, half way through 2009 and celebrating our nation’s birth which occurred on July 4, 1776. So, our republic is 233-years-old.

However, if we are honest with ourselves we can’t help but admit the end of this once great republic is already at hand. If Americans knew their history, we would know that since the 1960’s the destruction of what we had has been underway. There are ominous signs everywhere.

I will not even attempt to pinpoint all the harbingers of our demise I see, but here are a few. I recall an interview I conducted with Theodore (Teddy) White, the highly regarded historian and author of the acclaimed book on the 1960 election between Republican Richard M. Nixon and Democrat John F. Kennedy. The title of that book is “The Making of the President, 1960.”

At that time, we were a remarkably unified country even though Kennedy’s victory was suspect due to the “finding” of 50,000 missing votes in the 5th Ward of the city of Chicago. There were many people who thought JFK’s narrow “victory” should be contested.

Richard Nixon said he would not contest the election because it would create too much acrimony and was not good for the country. People who have spent a lifetime hating and scorning Nixon cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that Nixon did say, “It would not be good for the nation to contest this election.”

To return to my interview with Teddy White, I asked him, “Mr. White, here it is l985, as we approach the year 2000 what is your greatest concern about the future of our country?” He said his greatest concern was the “glue that has held a disparate, polyglot people together is in danger of being lost.”

I am speaking of the English language. Heretofore, no matter where an immigrant came from, he was expected to learn the language of the United States of America. But I see evidence that is not happening because we are departing from that sensible policy to accommodate the many Spanish-speaking people who are entering this country! We are in danger of becoming a bilingual nation!

Remember, Teddy White said that 24 years ago. If he were alive today what would he say?

All of our problems stem from two sources. The number one source of the beginning of this destruction of America, as we have known it, is the “Immigration and Naturalization Act of l965.” That self destructive legislation was signed on October 3, in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty by Lyndon Baines Johnson. It was authored by Bobby and Teddy Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and other short-sighted liberals.

In effect, what this legislation does is to insure that the demography of this once great republic becomes less and less Caucasian and more of everything else. The bill means that immigrants from Europe must be only 15 percent of the total. The remaining 85 percent must come from Central and South America, Africa, and Asia!

I’m sure there are many good and decent people in those groups but their customs, values, and LANGUAGES are different! I have actually seen a list that hospital administrators must be familiar with containing over 70 different languages and dialects so that they will have enough translators to go around translators for all our courts and prisons and all other public institutions.

What alarms me most of all is the fact that the majority of Americans are afraid of every cockamamie group out there environmentalist wackos, homosexuals, the animal rights crackpots who would rather see people die in plane crashes than kill the geese causing the danger. And cutting to the chase, what about freedom of speech?

I am writing this, not speaking on the radio, but many of my epigones are under siege because they have dared to speak out on such sensitive subjects as the Mexican invasion of America.

So, I say, Happy Birthday, America! You won’t have many more to celebrate!

I am haunted by a bumper sticker on the back of an automobile that says, “MY AMERICA, WHERE DID IT GO”?

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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