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July 9, 2009

In case you didn't know, I have been somewhat busy this past week working on an Internet show.

Internet broadcasting is the future, according to Michael Harrison the founder and publisher of Talkers magazine, the “Bible” of the talk radio industry that is becoming more involved in some discussions concerning luminaries in television.

So when Michael Harrison talks, we in the industry listen. When I heard what Mr. Harrison said, I asked some other knowledgeable people and no one disputed what was said about Internet “broadcasting” and the FUTURE.

The only negative comments I’ve heard about Internet broadcasting concern the time element. Certainly, I will be the first to admit Internet broadcasting is not even in its infancy.

But, it is a healthy embryo waiting to be born. And when that happens, the sky is not even the limit because the Internet doesn’t recognize the sky; it doesn't recognize any boundaries.

And since the great radio stations in the New York metropolitan area don’t operate as true local stations, what else would you have me do? You see, thanks to a sick individual who has devoted the last 20 years or so to destroying my career, I really don't have anywhere else to go.

This is not to demean in any way UBA-TV,, the Internet station which produces my program. Rather it is to answer some of the questions many of my good, loyal fans have been asking.

Suffice to say, it is very easy to damage someone in the public eye because people are naive and they are cowards. You will learn more about what I am alluding to in the future if I get that tell-all book published.

I had intended to tell you about the many e-mails and telephone calls I have received asking me about Gov. Sarah Palin’s shocking announcement that effective July 26th she will step down as Alaska’s chief executive. I am disappointed, but not really surprised. I don't blame her for wanting to have the freedom to launch a speaking career at this time.

Because of many frivolous lawsuits, Palin has had to spend a great deal of money which she doesn’t have. She, unlike all those liberals who despise her, is not wealthy. Far from it! Therefore, she knows that at the present time she could command handsome speaking fees in the “lower 48.” She is striking while the iron is hot.

If she tried to launch a much needed money raising tour and remained as governor, people would rightly say she is neglecting her job. And if she remained as governor of Alaska and did not do anything else, people might forget the gifted, attractive, charismatic former vice presidential candidate who gave the Democrats the only real scare they had in 2008.

It really doesn’t require a great deal of thought to see that Sarah Palin did the only thing she could do at this stage of the game.

The only ones who should be concerned are those liberal vipers who still don’t understand two things. One, why do they hate her so much? And two, why do they fear her so much?

Oh, wait a minute. I think I’ve got it! They hate her BECAUSE they fear her.

Good luck, Sarah, and study hard.

Bob Grant

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