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Bob Grant

The President’s Hubris

July 22, 2009

Do we dare hope? Do we dare hope that the fraud perpetrated on the American people is in the nascent stages of collapsing?

I am writing about the Barack Obama charade. Perhaps when Helen Thomas, of all people, said at a press conference, that all administrations fudge the truth and mislead the press, but this administration is BLATANT! Perhaps this revelation was the beginning of the exposure of this fraudulent presidency.

Last night, the 44th president and first sultan of America put on his act, which is finely tuned. It is well-honed because he has done it so often and after all, practice makes perfect. When Mr. Obama was asked about a provision of the House bill, which the president himself has been insisting must be passed, he said he wasn't aware of said provision!

Without boring you to distraction, let me simply state the obvious . . . the president has overplayed his hand. His hubris is beginning to show more and more.

Remember, “pride goeth before a fall.” That biblical quotation is a warning to anyone who becomes too sure of himself, too cocky, that this character flaw will surely cause him to fall.

It has always been painfully obvious to me that Barack Obama, over-flowing with hubris and arrogance, exhibits this character trait that now may be apparent to the average American voter. Let us hope that is true.

If it is, maybe we still have time to save this once great republic from extinction!

Bob Grant

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