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I Have Lost Hope

December 9, 2009

I don’t know where to begin. I am supposed to be a professional writer, speaker, entertainer, commentator and all those other romantic sounding things.

People like me are expected to be immune to the many vicissitudes that life has to offer. But, I don’t really know any of my many epigones who are above being affected by all those “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

The only difference between all of them and me is I don’t even try to hide it. If I am angry, you know it. If I am depressed, you know it. Today I am bifurcated and I am telling you I really don’t have any faith in the future of our once great republic.

Oh, maybe I should be Rush-like or Rush-lite and pretend I believe we will prevail. Maybe Rush does believe his optimistic spiel. He is a great performer and a gifted person, so maybe his mantra is sincere. The only reason I am writing about him in this fashion at this time is I have lost hope in the American people. They are too undisciplined and too lazy to learn what admonitions we were given by the great men that gave us this nation over 200 years ago.

I see where former Vice President Dick Cheney said Barack Obama is more radical than he feared. So, I am not the only one. With each passing day I become more bereft of hope. One would hope that the inane comments of Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid would have alarmed enough people in his own party that they would stand up to the party leadership and do the right thing.

The right thing, of course, is refusing to vote for passage of the socialist Health Care Reform Act. But none of them seem to have the integrity to vote for what is right. This is why most Americans have no respect for politicians. So many of them have no scruples, have no courage and are viciously selfish.

So, to heck with the millions of Americans who earned their healthcare and who more than ever need it. Take from 85 percent of the population and give to the 15 percent who didn’t contribute anything.

This is precisely why I say America made its greatest mistake when it elected Barack Obama as president and gifted him with both houses of Congress. I do not exaggerate when I say it is over. The America our forefathers created and previous generations honed, is gone.

The assassin is none other than the American voter who put this charlatan in the oval office. I would say “God help America,” but there is no America any longer.

Bob Grant

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