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Why the Left Hates Palin

November 18, 2009

I wrote yesterday about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. I started to write from the standpoint of being curious and outraged at the intense fear and loathing the left has for this woman.

What is the fear all about? Can anyone explain it? I will try to, at least, make an attempt. Any of you who don’t agree are welcome, of course, to write to me in care of my e-mail:

Anyway, here goes the old college try. The left can hate anybody they want, just as the right can hate anybody they want. But, since the obsession with Sarah Palin is so strident, shouldn’t we all be interested in why? What is there about this particular woman that brings out the visceral ugly hatred in the vast liberal community?

I think part of it stems from the fact that during the past presidential campaign the Obamacans were supremely confident they would bury Republican presidential candidate, John McCain. But when he chose this unknown WOMAN who came out of nowhere and sounded like the lead character in “Annie Get Your Gun,” the left-wingers were startled. They were surprised because they had just shunned Hillary Clinton and many American women were angry and disappointed that the Democrats would reject this intelligent former first lady, former New York senator, and woman many young and old American ladies look up to.

It seemed, at the time, that enough of those women would be so angry with the Democrat Party that they would vote Republican because the GOP offered them an opportunity to get even. So immediately the dirt began to be dug and the onslaught of ridicule and disparagement began in full force.

Tina Fey, the talented versatile actress from Saturday Night Live, did her part in trying to make Sarah Palin look like a real airhead. The demolition team worked night and day from Hollywood to New York to Washington D.C. to destroy this real person.

Yes, that’s the word that I think best describes Sarah Palin . . . real. And that’s the quality that Sarah possesses which infuriates the liberals the most. Sarah, whether you like her or not, is unpretentious and straightforward. Her enemies cannot handle that because they are from a culture in America that is rudderless and empty.

Their only interest is in performing. Their goal is an America that is an atheist, anti-Christian hedonistic society where the only thing that counts is making the cover of the many rags on the supermarket checkout stands that are called magazines.

Who went to be with whom this week? This culture lionizes a bum like Madonna and is a society that is focused on the latest shocking disclosure to come out of Hollywood. These are the people who hate Sarah Palin. There are other Americans, such as myself, who admire Sarah because she is a woman of talent, courage and honesty.

Do I think she would make a good president? Like most honest people, I don’t know. The presidential campaign isn’t until 2012. She could demonstrate between now and then that she would make a good president.

If the election were held today, would I feel confident in her ability? I can only say the solipsistic, narcissistic person who is the president has got to go! But, the Constitution says we can’t correct the mistake of 2008 until November of 2012.

In the meantime, you Palin haters can enjoy watching Barack Obama continue to destroy so much we hold dear. Let us hope the republic will still be standing in 2012.

Bob Grant

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