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A Massive Conspiracy?

November 13, 2009

Those of you who have been listeners of the Bob Grant radio program these past 40 years, may know that I do not brag when I say I have predicted so much that has come to pass and even more disconcerting, what is coming to pass right now.

Has it occurred to you that the United States of America, as we have known it, is committing suicide? I am convinced the final lethal drop of hemlock was swallowed when we refused to take action when the warning signs were painfully clear that Nidal Malik Hasan is a terrorist who wants to serve his Muslim masters and kill as many Americans as possible.

I say “we,” but of course you might say it was the Army’s fault. Their assessment at the Fort Hood, Texas military base of Hasan was: “We didn’t know about this guy! You are right. We did not know about this guy because we have allowed ourselves to be so afraid of being called “racists,” “bigots” and other such inappropriate names, that members of the U.S. Army and intelligence agencies had enough evidence that this America-hater was a danger.”

Yet, they didn’t do anything about it because some people have come forward to confess they were concerned that if they said anything, they might get a bad fitness report!

Meanwhile, Hasan was able to purchase a gun and carry it onto the Fort Hood grounds where he was able to shoot and kill 13 Americans and wound 30 of his fellow servicemen and women. And to make the event even more painful, after he himself was shot, our medical team saved his miserable life.

Whether you know it or not, the Muslim world, with some rare exceptions, has declared war on the United States of America and the non-Muslim world! If September 11, 2001 didna’t get your attention . . . then nothing will!

Did you not notice that with exception of Fox News Channel, talk radio, and perhaps a few other voices, the American mainstream media refuses to acknowledge that we are at war with terrorists throughout the world and in our midst. We have elected a president whose middle name is Hussein. This same president has appointed as attorney general a man who is more interested in persecuting the former president and vice president because they took measures he considers too harsh.

Instead of encouraging Americans to be ever alert to possible danger, this administration seeks to further weaken us. Could it be that Barack Obama is a puppet of a Muslim cabal? I know it sounds too far-fetched. But, doesn’t everything that has happened before and after 9/11 also sound totally improbable?

I know the chances of anyone suspecting, even for a second, such a massive conspiracy is not possible. I don’t want to believe it myself. However, in view of the conduct of the 44th president and the statements made by so many of his White House gang, I am forced to concede, as distasteful as it is, the theory might be worth investigating.

Now you can send the men in the white coats here to take me away!

Bob Grant

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