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N.J. Gubernatorial Race: Can GOP Win?

April 29, 2009

I know most of the nation’s attention is being riveted by the media to the first100 days of the Obama presidency and, of course, the swine flu epidemic. However, since I do live and vote in the state of New Jersey, I should like to devote some attention to the governor’s race which is taking place in this state in November.

We already know the name of the Democrat candidate; it is of course the incumbent, Jon Corzine. The governor is not very popular in this very blue state where it has been said, “If you want to be successful in politics, don’t worry about anything . . . just make sure you are a registered Democrat.”

But Gov. Corzine is not a particularly likeable guy and his spending policies and taxes have not endeared him to the majority of Garden Staters. I could go on at length on why Corzine should not be re-elected, but this being New Jersey where a viper like Frank Lautenberg keeps getting re-elected senator because he is a Democrat, must mean the Republicans don’t have a chance.

But, this year they do have a chance because one of the Republicans running in the GOP primary is the former U.S. attorney for the District of New Jersey, Chris Christie. Now Mr. Christie has achieved one of the greatest records of anyone holding that office. He is tireless, smart, and above all highly dedicated. I can think of only one New Jersey politician in my lifetime in that category and that person is the one-time governor, Tom Kean.

However, before we celebrate let us remember this is New Jersey where scoundrels abide. One such scoundrel is Steve Lonegan who, although possessed of a great policy on government spending and taxation, is nevertheless the type of Republican who wants to win the nomination so badly he will stop at nothing to destroy his fellow Republican. Lonegan employs sleazy tactics such as putting out a publication that is supposed to be a legitimate GOP newspaper which does nothing but soil the reputation of the legitimate contender.

This is absolutely despicable and I wish something could be done about this. But apparently it will go on as long as it works for evildoers. I will have much more on the campaign in the months ahead.

In the meantime, I join you in watching with disgust as the media, with very few exceptions, continues in its pathetic adulation of President Barrack Obama.

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