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Two Questions Posed To Al Gore

June 26, 2009

I see that the Obama administration is trying to ram through a so-called cap and trade bill. I don’t care to get into the specifics of this legislation primarily because it annoys me so much. I don’t even want to think about it. But, since I have to make a comment on this web page, I will do my duty.

First of all, why can’t we prosecute former Vice President Al Gore? Why can’t we charge him with fraud? Why can’t we make arrangements for him to be cellmates with another perpetrator of fraud, Bernie Madoff, of Ponzi scheme fame?

I remember back in the mid 1990’s when Al Gore was at my WABC studio to peddle a book called, “Earth In the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit.” Whenever I would ask him how he could be sure of two things, he would become irritated and glared at me with a fixated gaze that I could never forget.

And what were the two questions? The first one was how could he be so sure global warming was in the process of reaching such catastrophic proportions? The second question was why didn’t he look into the history books and find that long before Henry Ford gave us the assembly line to make automobiles, we had periods of earth cooling and periods of earth warming!

How could he be so sure if we repealed the industrial revolution everything would be peachy?

When the interview was completed, he left with a very annoyed look on his face. Here is a man who after his humiliating loss in the 2000 presidential election, proceeded to amass a fortune of at least $110 million!

His phony “documentary” titled, “An Inconvenient Truth,” was an attempt at beating the drums for every cockamamie idea Gore has. At first, many scientists and political figures were loathe to disagree with what Gore and his environmentalist wackos were saying.

Remember George Soros and his army of far left nihilist followers can be intimidating to the many feckless politicians and, yes, even scientists out there. Not only can they be feckless here in America, but in other nations whether they are in Asia, Europe, Australia or anywhere else.

As a matter of fact, the Australian parliament seems to be reversing itself and will no longer vote to strip itself of the productive vestiges of modernization. As I said, this is all very complicated. Therefore, let’s try to keep it simple. We must not destroy the American economy any more that it has already been damaged.

If we are to pursue this madness of restricting what industry and the population can and must do in the belief that we are destroying the planet, we will only destroy ourselves!

Bob Grant

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