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May 18, 2009

I am in receipt of a copy of a letter sent to a Professor Kessler, who is known in academic circles as an American history expert.

Here is a portion of the letter the professor received from President Barack Obama: “I’m sure you will agree we live in a great country, perhaps the greatest in history. However, it does need changes. With your help and the help of many others I can lead the mission to effect those changes.”

Now if that doesn’t get your attention, nothing will. There is much more to the letter and to the response to it. However, why is the general public not aware of its existence?

First of all, the so-called mainstream media probably doesn’t know of the contents of this letter, and sad to say, if they did they would not want to publicize it anyway. Remember this is the same mainstream media who worked fanatically to elect Obama. It is the same media that committed a dastardly task in turning America into a ONE party nation.

I think at this juncture it is fair to say we no longer have a unified and viable Republican Party. And since the members are famous for fighting amongst themselves, the Democrats don’t have to do much to bury the once proud and great GOP. So, getting back to the letter President Obama wrote to the historian, it seems that one of the big changes he seeks is virtually accomplished. That, of course, is the elimination of an opposition party. Isn’t that one of hallmarks of a socialist government?

There is more to the program the 44th president has in store for us. Many of the goals have already been achieved. Think about the banking industry. Think about the automobile industry. And, of course, Barrack’s centerpiece for the new America . . . socialized medicine!

These changes, my dear friends, are on the way for all of us, like it or not. Some of you are writing to me and asking, “Bob, when are you coming back on the air?” The answer is, “probably never.”

Even some people who you might think are friends of mine have distanced themselves since Obama's election. I am not making any accusations. I am only noticing the “change.”

Hopefully, the publishers will not boycott me and the book I am working on will see the light of day. It will be a “tell all” book, so some people won’t like it. But, they will read it.

I am grateful to Newsmax for being a true believer in the First Amendment and for being a true friend!

Bob Grant

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