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Obama: Acting is His Forte!

November 11, 2009

You no doubt saw our commander in chief, our president, attend the memorial to the young Americans who were tragically murdered in the most recent terrorist attack on the United States of America.

Like most gullible, trusting Americans who still have a spark of idealism in their souls, you must have admired the words and the way they were delivered by our 44th president and first sultan of America. Unfortunately, Barack Obama is a gifted actor. He can play the role of the detached but concerned, and above all, cool leader. He performs so well, if I didn’t know better, I might be seduced by his performance too.

>p>But, make no mistake, it is a performance. Hopefully, by 2012 when it is time for him to seek re-election, the majority of Americans will be wise to his shtick and he will not have a second term to wreak more havoc on the American Constitution, and further erode our status as a once great world power.

To those of you who may consider my words to be too harsh, I say there are those moments in history when euphemistic speech only serves to mask the gravity of the challenge facing us. Naturally, most of us want to like our president, or, at the very least respect his office. I cannot bring myself to like this pretender any longer.

I must confess there was a time during the never-ending Democrat primary campaign that I did have some admiration for his demeanor and conduct. I too was taken in by his performing ability to a certain extent.

But, the curtain has opened wide enough for me to see just who the man speaking the words is. And he is a cold, calculating and inscrutable, dangerous man. He is dangerous because he is, thanks to his racial background, still given more slack than he might be if he were just another white politician.

Let’s face it, there was something in most of us who welcomed his racial background to the highest office in the land. I said a moment ago he is cold and that is the correct adjective . . . not the one I used heretofore. That word is “cool.”

To be cool in the year 2008 and 2009 is to be just the right person at the right time. But to be cold suggests a person who doesn’t really care about people. He is someone who doesn’t have the decency to admit that since January 20th of this year, he assumed the responsibility of being president.

He has been the one making the decisions, yet as some of our greatest pundits have pointed out, Barack Obama keeps blaming everything on his predecessor, George W. Bush. Nothing is ever his fault.

And remember, he said during his presidential campaign and before he took office, and even after he took office, he wanted to change America as it has never been changed before. So, why should we be surprised that he is a socialist?

Be prepared as the worst is yet to come! And, for those Muslims in this country and around the world, you must feel incredibly exalted that one of your own is occupying the most powerful office in the world!

Bob Grant

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