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Death Penalty for Child Killers!

October 29, 2009

If I were to write the names Somer Thompson, Polly Klaas, Jessica Lunsford, Megan Kanka, and a few dozen more names, would they mean anything to you?

I can’t remember all the names either, but my heart aches nevertheless, because these names are but a few of the defenseless little girls who never did anything wrong to anyone, but were ravaged, raped, tortured and murdered by monstrous fiends who infest virtually every neighborhood in America.

Almost every one of these brutal slayings could have been prevented. They could have been prevented, except for the serious, self-destructive flaw in our so-called criminal justice system. That flaw is, first of all, our paralysis when it comes to the death penalty.

I say, once a person serves notice on society that he is toxic to human life, that he cannot live among human beings, especially children, that creature should be destroyed. There really is no point in keeping that person alive one more day.

Now, I know the typical, inane arguments against what I just said. Alright, let’s examine those points. First of all, you might say we have no right to take a human life. But we do have a right and, indeed a duty to save an innocent life by removing these creatures from society.

There is absolutely no evidence that these fiends can be “rehabilitated” by incarceration or by psychiatric counseling. Quite the contrary. You may argue that we could keep them locked up for the rest of their natural lives. But, we have seen too many of these monsters released from prison for one inane reason or another. And upon regaining their freedom, they waste no time in doing once again what a quirk of nature mandated they do, and that is to kill and kill and kill again.

They say that mad dogs must be “euthanized.” These two-legged monsters are even more dangerous than mad dogs. These horrible enemies of human beings exist for one reason and one reason only, and that is to sexually assault and murder our children. Not only would we save countless lives of the innocent children, we would save billions of dollars as well.

Sounds harsh you say? You want harsh? Just visit the grieving parents of these murdered victims and you will see the harsh reality of what happens in society when common sense is replaced by lunatic concepts. I could go on and on, but it is almost impossible for me to write this because I cannot believe our so-called enlightened leaders continue this insane policy of letting monsters live.

Will we ever see sanity brought to our “criminal justice system?”? True justice will not be apparent in our lifetime, but maybe in a brave new world of tomorrow, providing we don't destroy one another in a nuclear holocaust.

Maybe then we will have learned once and for all, once a creature serves notice on society that he is not fit to live in that society, he should be removed permanently!

Bob Grant

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