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Exit, Laughing

July 30, 2009

I have been doing a morning program on the Internet over UBA-TV ( Frankly, I don’t really know why I am doing the program. I’m certainly not doing if for the money. What money?

I’m certainly not doing it because I need the experience. Lord knows after 61 years in the broadcasting business, I don’t think I need the experience. So why am I doing this Internet program? Probably it’s because I have never done an Internet show before. I’ve done hundreds of thousands of radio programs and, especially in Los Angeles, a good number of television programs. But, the Internet is new and Internet broadcasting or webcasting is even newer.

Yes, that must be it. Or am I just looking for excuses? Is that the real reason that I just can’t retire? Is my lovely Josephine right when she says, “Look, you have had a fabulous career. You have achieved so many goals and can be proud of your ratings, famous people from all walks of life have saluted you!

“Your trouble is that your work has been your life. You are afraid to let go. Before you know it your life, like everyone else’s life, will be over and then what? It will be too late. So summon up the courage to do it. Summon up the courage to say “good-bye” to a career that has been so good to you and enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

Why am I writing this in the space where I usually analyze the news events of the day? Why am I writing such a personal message instead of telling you why the election of Barack Obama is such a catastrophic mistake?

Because, like my radio audience, you who read, are my friends. I feel that I know each and every one of you. Therefore, it is comforting for me to share these very personal and emotional thoughts with you. That is true, but there is another reason I am writing, not with my head, but my heart.

And both my head and my heart tell me our days as a great republic are drawing to a close. The curtain is coming down on this once great miracle called the United States of America. And just like the final curtain of a Broadway play, the curtain descends slowly, but inexorably. Yes, the great William Shakespeare said something about the curtain coming down and how all the world’s a stage and all its people merely players.

So, whatever the master playwright has decided, I would like to think that maybe he knows best and once again his ways are not our ways.

Oh, and since I am using the metaphor of a stage play, let me tell you my stage directions tell me to EXIT, LAUGHING!!!

Bob Grant

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That slams the lid onthings for today

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