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Eric Holder’s Ludicrous Race Comments

Feb. 12, 2009

Holder’s Poor Judgement

Any thinking, aware American had to have a very negative reaction to the naming of Eric Holder to be our next attorney general. 

There were many valid reasons for opposing his nomination. Just a few of these reasons alone should have sunk the nomination. 

How about his cavalier attitude regarding the Puerto Rican revolutionaries? Yes, I’m talking about the gang called the Armed Forces of National Liberation, a terrorist organization that bombed Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan in 1975, killing four and injuring 60. The group’s intent was to bring independence to Puerto Rico by terrorizing America. They really should have been executed. At the very least they should have been kept in prison until they perished. But Holder was all for releasing them! 

What about the pardon granted to tax evader on-the-lam Marc Rich? Here’s a guy who fled the United States because he was convicted of massive tax evasion. Bill Clinton, just before his departure from the White House in 2001, pardoned Rich because the former Mrs. Rich had contributed mightily to the Clinton campaign, his presidential and her senatorial, and most of all perhaps because then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder advised the president it was all right to pardon the bum. 

But, what Eric Holder said recently about Americans being cowards because they are afraid to talk about race is absurd. First of all, what hasn’t been said about race?  What else is there to say? And if the truth be told, the black perspective seems to be the only rational way to talk about race, for the black participant to blame the white man for everything, and the white responder to say, “Yes, you’re absolutely right.”

We are evil, we have caused you endless pain, we have to acknowledge our sins. And even though we have elected our first African-American president, and even though you, Eric Holder, are our first African-American attorney general, we must continue this ludicrous scenario of being obsessed with race from the perspective of victimhood. 

But, I don’t blame the African-American for this constant whining about race. If more whites would listen to blacks like Ward Connerly, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Michael Steele, just to name a few, we would cease to be cowardly and acting guilty when there is nothing to be guilty about. 

I know better than most what happens when someone is slandered by being called a “racist.” Being called a racist is not the sin; the sin is that your friends desert you. As Martin Luther King, Jr. himself said, “It is not the words of our enemies that haunt us, it is the silence of our friends.”

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