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End of Summer, Back to School

August 24, 2009

This is the second to last weekend in August.

So what, you say? Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s my Pisces karma, but when the seasons are about to change or have come to an end, I grow somewhat melancholy.

Although the calendar says we still have one whole month of summer left, I have always felt that once Labor Day is upon us, it’s the end of summer. The swimming pools will be closed, the white and light colored garments will be put away, out will come the sweaters, and along will come the school buses once again, dominating the morning and afternoon landscape.

School buses! How absurd that so much of our tax dollars should be spent on all those yellow, clumsy, smoke belching monsters to transport one kid out of his neighborhood in order to bring another kid into his neighborhood! Maybe I am over simplifying it, but I remember when school was a place where, come rain or show, I walked.

I also remember carrying a small brown paper bag which contained my lunch — usually a peanut butter sandwich, an apple and maybe a treat. I would buy a bottle of milk in the classroom. I’m not saying it was great, but I liked it and so did most of my classmates.

We knew the reason we went to school was to learn something. Sometimes I might not have studied hard enough and did get a good grade on a test paper, but after a tongue lashing from the teacher and Mom and Dad, the next time I usually did better .

School in those days was for the sole purpose of getting an education and growing intellectually and emotionally. It wasn’t to have breakfast or lunch served by the taxpayer. No one ever dreamed we would have a school lunch program or a school breakfast program.

How did all these things start? Why did they start? Why do liberal social engineers keep thinking up new ways to obfuscate the concept of primary and secondary education? I think I know the answers, but I will save that for another day . . . a day when I should like to challenge the entire revolution in the way we teach our youngsters.

By the way, did you know that history is not taught as it once was? The concept of history used to be to gather up all the facts of events that occurred, when they occurred, and, perhaps, why they occurred. But, that simple, sensible concept is also out the window.

Why? Because the social engineers have decided that all students, especially “minority” students must feel good about themselves. And so, in the interest of raising the student’s self -esteem, the factual history is altered at the expense of the truth.

What’s the difference? Isn’t it more important to make a group of students feel better about themselves than to have them learn the real history of what happened?

If I sound cynical, it is because I am cynical. I was once a card carrying idealist, but have become a cynic after witnessing all these calumnies committed in the name of political correctness. Ha Ha! Even the phrase “political correctness” is a canard. There is nothing correct about altering the facts of what has actually happened and creating fiction just to make some student raise his self-esteem .

Actually, that student is being cheated in the long run, and hopefully, one day, will demand an end to feel good history for his children.

In the meantime, I must sulk as I look out the window of my study and enjoy the bright sunshine outside even though the sun is scorching hot. You see, the air conditioning inside my house makes me believe it is not hot.

And isn’t that what life has become . . . seeing and feeling things that are not real, as long as we all feel better?

Bob Grant

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