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A New Candidate in N.J. Governor’s Race

October 16, 2009

This Sunday on my WABC radio show at 12 noon ET, I will have as my guest, Chris Daggett. He is an independent candidate for governor of New Jersey.

Prior to his entering the race, Republican challenger, Chris Christie, was leading incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine by fourteen points. Since Daggett threw his hat in the ring, that lead has shrunk to, at last count, four points at best.

Where did those other ten or twelve points go? It is obvious. They went from Christie to Daggett. Now the question is, “Why did Daggett decide at this stage of the game to become a candidate?”

As soon as I heard about the “independent’s” entry into the fray, I smelled a rat. It’s an old game which has been played many times in American politics. The most famous, or infamous third-party candidacy was, in all probability, Ross Perot, putting his big ears and big mouth in the presidential campaign between incumbent President George H.W. Bush and challenger, Bill Clinton in 1992.

The pundits had President Bush ahead, but once Ross Perot made his presence in the race known, the president’s margin shrank and even Bill Clinton did not receive a majority of the vote, although he had the plurality and electoral votes needed to be elected the 42nd president of the United States.

Maybe Mr. Perot sincerely thought he had a chance to win. After all, the American voter was obsessed with cutting the deficit. Sounds quaint now, doesn’t it?

But, it turned out that Ross Perot really had a goal which was not so public-spirited. He had a gripe against Mr. Bush and it was revealed he also came up with a stupid allegation as to why he dropped out of the race, only to again announce his candidacy almost immediately afterward.

Does anybody remember that? He said he dropped out because the Bush people were going to spoil Ross Perot’s daughter’s wedding, or some such nonsense.

In any event, I haven’t encountered anyone who disagrees with me that the so-called independent candidate is out to help Corzine by taking votes away from Christie. If this ruse works, it will be a blight on New Jersey politics.

I hope that enough people see through this nefarious plot so we can rid ourselves of this high taxing millionaire, Jon Corzine.

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