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Commemorating D-Day

June 1, 2009

Well, here we are in the summer month of June. During this month, we will or should observe the D-Day remembrance and Flag Day.

D-Day, of course, is on June 6 and Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. But, does anybody really care about the significance of June 6? That was the date in l944, during World War II, that Dwight D. Eisenhower directed the greatest seaborne invasion in history. That was the day President Franklin Delano Roosevelt made sure he kept his word to Joseph Stalin, the mass murderer of the Soviet Union.

There are some historians and analysts who believe that the invasion, which cost so many American lives and treasures, was not necessary at that time. Stalin wanted Germany to be faced with a second front while the Communists were on the offensive in the east. But, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had pointed out that a second front in Europe had already been created when the Allies invaded Italy.

Comrade Stalin was not satisfied with that and we have learned, much to our chagrin, that Roosevelt lied to Churchill, lied to the American people, and had no business winning a fourth term as president. It was obvious the man was dying and yet the American people sent this moribund creature to Yalta where he didn’t belong as he gave Stalin all of Eastern Europe and, of course, the honor of taking Berlin.

My point here is simple and tragic. Outside of the Chicago Tribune, no news outlet, and remember there was no television then so newspapers were all important, showed the American people they were sending a corpse back to the White House. I will write in future columns more about this.

With Barack Obama in the White House, we have a man who can and has seduced the American people. He reminds me of a pediatrician I had many years ago. In those days, they made house calls. And Dr. Rubel made many house calls to our home. He created a calming effect on me just by walking in the door. I would feel better even though I was running a 103.9 degree temperature.

He would tell me the medicine he wanted me to take would taste good. It didn't taste very good, but because Dr. Rubel told me it was good everything was alright.

And that’s the fear I have of President Obama. I hope I am underestimating the American people, but I’m afraid H.L. Menken, an influential American journalist, was right.

The following fan letter from a citizen in Jacksonville, Florida reminds me how important it is for people to be provided with the truth. And I must apologize to our letter writer for not being on the air anymore.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Hi Bob,

It seems like all the news is bad. I feel frustrated, angry, and defeated. The country can afford to have me feel that way because my voice is not a powerful one.

People do not look to me for solutions or hope. They should be able to look to you for these things. You are an intellectual and philosophical leader to many people.

We cannot afford to have you wringing your hands. We need your writings and voice to be proposing solutions and plans to help overcome those who seem bent on destroying our way of life.

We need a Bob Grant who, while pointing out the long odds against us, voices a vision of how to take back our country.

We need a Bob Grant who asks not if we can take back our country, but a Bob Grant who speaks of a solution showing how to take back our country.

K. Carter
Jacksonville, Fla.



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