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What Happened to Our Beloved Country?

April 6, 2009

If you are as fortunate as I am, and therefore care very much about our nation, woe unto you. It is very difficult to feel sanguine about anything any longer.

There are so many things to discourage patriotic Americans who have had a love affair with the U.S.A. First of all, we have been beaten over the head not only with bad economic news, but we have been pummeled with news about the failure of people who hold public office to not only be competent, but to be honest.

Our 22nd and 24th president, Grover Cleveland, said, “A public office is a public trust.” It isn’t just that President Cleveland made this statement’s that he practiced and lived this philosophy. I believe he was the last truly good Democrat until Harry Truman.

But, let us put history aside and think about the rogues’ gallery of villains who have not only ruined your 401(k)s and made for such stressful economic times, but who have deceived you to such a point you’ trust the very people you elected to be stewards of your purse and your security.

It doesn't look like we will be able to exhale for a long time, if ever. Not only did we have to survive the shock of the November election, but have to acknowledge our elections have become almost as dishonest as the ones in the rest of the Americas.

The so-called banana republics are almost a paragon of rectitude when compared with the orchestrated vote thievery of a certain so-called community action group. By the way, does anybody really believe that ACORN is really on the up and up?

And what about the left-wing, no talent, big mouth Al Franken? Does anybody really believe he represents virtue? I could go on and on, but I hardly think it's necessary. By the mere fact that you are reading this, I know you are more informed than most of your fellow Americans.

In spite of what I have just written, I must confess, even though I hold most politicians in low esteem, I am more concerned with the growing number of our fellow citizens who are increasingly succumbing to the demons inside.

There is hardly a week that goes by that we don’t read about some former human being becoming a monster. And it is not only riveting that this creature kills as many people as he can, but that he obviously plans his dastardly act even to the point of wearing a bulletproof vest.

But, if all of this weren’t bad enough, consider the fact that so many of these enemies of society have already served notice they were in our midst. So many of these killers were on parole for prior crimes or had been released from a psychiatric institution.

And what about people like the former Illinois police sergeant, Drew Peterson, whose third wife died “mysteriously,” but is believed by police authorities to have been murdered by her husband? This is the same guy whose most recent wife has been missing for a year now. Yet the authorities are reluctant to indict him because juries are so witless they can be manipulated by any fast talking lawyer. Thanks to the American Civil Liberties Union the criminal gets protection from society instead of the other way around.

So, those of us who have had this great love affair with our once great republic have to weep. As it says on the bumper sticker, “My America, where did it go?”

Bob Grant

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