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April 27, 2009

First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you who has e-mailed your reactions to the editorials I have presented on this website. I have encouraged many of you to compose your comments and send them to the website by e-mailing me at:

Those of us on the right are not having a happy time. Unlike my political, ideological, and philosophical brethren, I do not think we are on the rebound. Now, those who have listened to my radio broadcasts know very well that I am at heart a pessimist.

Unlike my many epigones, I have never been able to manufacture a sanguine outlook in order to attract some listeners and now readers to my site. I know there are many well meaning and talented, bright comrades who are sincere, but they also are smart enough to know that being positive has a powerful appeal. I do not fault them for their sunny presentations.

Let me just say, since so many acknowledge the fact that I seem to have paved the way for them, I do not believe in altering my views to please any portion of the public.

Therefore, I must share with you a sad reality; the once great Republican Party may be on the way to take its place alongside the party it essentially replaced, the Whig Party. I don’t say this with any joy whatsoever. I say this with the utmost sadness, and hope that I am wrong. But, the important issue is not the survival of a political party. It is the survival of the United States and the values and laws and traditions.

In short, the Constitution was created by great men who cherished and understood the meaning of freedom and the necessity of framing the Constitution so that the government would govern only with the consent of the governed and that the government would be limited. I am taking the greatest document created by man and trying to be as simple and direct as one can be when writing about such a sublime undertaking.

But, this government is not being preserved because as John Adams warned, “If the people do not nourish the values and respect the laws, the republic will collapse.” We are in stage two of the creation of the fall of our once great republic. It is our fault because we have chosen to elect politicians who seek to buy our votes with promises and largess they have not earned.

Politicians who know the only way to preserve what our forefathers gave us was hard work and self discipline are being defeated at the polls. Isn’t it ironic and tragic that the symbolism of the Obama victory signals the end of this republic as we have known it?

If you disagree, you may write your reply and send it to my website.

Bob Grant

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