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Assault On the CIA

August 26, 2009

Why am I not surprised?

No one who knows anything about Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, the far-left American-hating cabal headed by billionaire George Soros, should be surprised that at this time the Obama administration has decided to do what Congressman John Conyers (D – Mich.) has always wanted to do: Conduct a witch hunt.

And the timing of this decision is most revealing! For the first seven months of his presidency, Barack Obama repeated the statesman-like phrase, “I want to look forward, not to the past.” The implicit meaning of that oft repeated sentence is that the new president was not going to engage in any finger-pointing at his predecessor, but was going to plow new ground — ground that was made more fallow by virtue of Barack’s magnanimity and true bipartisan sentiments!

But, of course, that was before Obama’s approval rating began to shrink. When the numbers were soaring and the public still seemed to be in awe of “Mr. Cool,” he could afford to be gracious and above the partisan sniping.

But now that the mask is coming off and the voter is perhaps a little wiser, Mr. Obama wants to focus once more on the same man he ran against, no, not John McCain . . . George W. Bush! Yes, that George W. Bush — the stumble bum who could be blamed for anything and everything.

Will it work? Will the three card monte dealer be quick enough again to have us focus on someone else and on some other issue? Will he be so nimble he can skate smoothly on this thin ice?

As I have said all along, the president’s greatest asset is his pose as a young avuncular leader who is the original Mr. Cool, always in charge of his emotions while all around him people are harassed and nervous and tentative.

But not the Kenyan kid! Oh no! He is always in charge of not only himself but the nation’s destiny. I fear his act may work yet again, but just maybe there are enough Americans out there who at last can see what some of us have always seen, a pretender, a poser, a self-created calm, cool and collected intellectual leader.

But remember Dorothy’s little dog, Toto, has already opened the curtain a little and soon, just maybe enough people will see what a pretender this man has been.

Let us hope that happens before he and Eric Holder destroy our ability to maintain a respectable CIA before it is too late.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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