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Panetta’s Disturbing Message to Israel

May 26, 2009

While we were observing the Memorial Day remembrances and the much deserved tribute to our fallen soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen, the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu was grappling with the ramifications of the Leon Panetta visit to Jerusalem.

What the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency told the Jewish prime minister was sobering, disturbing, but not altogether surprising to Mr. Netanyahu or his ruling party colleagues.

In effect, according to the Jerusalem Post, the CIA boss told Netanyahu not to attack Iran even though the Islamic republic is completing its program of producing the much discussed and much feared nuclear bomb.

It was also reported that Mr. Panetta said, “If Israel does attack and the Iranians respond by nuking you, then we will not condemn the Iranians, but the Israelis for precipitating this holocaust.”

Can you imagine a parent telling his youngster that if he goes over and punches that bully in the nose and the bully pounds the lad into the ground, we will tell him it’s his fault for getting beat up? That, even though it was quite obvious that the bully was going to slug the young fellow, he should be held accountable because he tried to pre-empt his getting beat up!

This story is in itself an obscenity.There is another story that is even more alarming. That is the story about Barack Obama making it quite clear he is ready to live with the Iranians in possession of nuclear weapons.

What irony that Jewish voters cast at least 85 percent of their vote for Barack Obama and he very likely could be the reason the state of Israel is “wiped off the face of the earth” as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad so delicately put it.

This brings once more a focus on the Jewish Americans’ obsession with the Democrat Party and their antipathy with Republicans, even Republicans like George W. Bush who, without doubt, was the most steadfast supporter of Israel we have ever had ? putting him right up there with former presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

But, as my good friend Max Brudner has often said, “I just don’t get it. I’m Jewish, and I just don't understand why my people are in the back pocket of the Democrat party.” Well, Max and David Rosenthal, and a whole host of Jewish Americans have expressed the same consternation.

Maybe you, dear reader, have an answer. You may write to me at with your opinion. And, thank you for reading this.

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