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U.S. Borrowing Worries China

September 8, 2009

Can you believe it? Can you believe that Communist China is concerned about the American economy because they know that we are printing too much money and, therefore, the Chinese are alarmed for some good capitalist reasons?

First of all, allow me to do what my many epigones do all the time on their syndicated radio programs — that is — brag. Yes, I am going to brag, but not happily.

For the past 15 years or so, I have been receiving phone calls on my radio show from irate callers (mostly male) who have warned that China is up to no good and wants to destroy us. Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe the Chinese government loves us, but being good businessmen, they don’t want to destroy their best customer.

However, they are rightly worried because their best customer (the U.S.) is going down the drain because as Beijing says, “American is spending tomorrow’s money today.” They know that a nation that is spending money it doesn’t have, is no different that an individual who is broke and wants credit he or she hasn’t earned.

So what happens? The individual has already run out of money and now is bereft of credit. In another words, he is broke and no good to anyone including himself. The reason we are doomed is the very same reason we were a truly great nation . . . the people were free to vote for the leader they preferred, and the party they preferred.

But, because politicians know that at heart the once hard-working, hard-striving Americans have become lazy and looking for a handout. The ignorant American voter has become so accustomed to sponging off the government; he forgets the government does not create wealth. It taxes wealth and takes the money in taxes to transfer that wealth to the greatest number of voters who are the poor and middle-class and therefore outnumber the productive citizens who lose the elections and suffer the consequences.

What I am driving at is simply this: Are we on the brink of collapse because we elected a president who does not believe in capitalism and, therefore, is putting the final touches on our collapse?

It was said by that great student of human nature and therefore human frailty, “You cannot build a new house until you have destroyed the old house.” To Barack Obama: What we have had in this country since 1776 is the old house that must be torn down so that he can build a new house — a house that will be a monument to socialism, a house that will do away with liberty and pronounce diversity as the elixir of the new America.

Make no mistake, the new America is coming because we are too timid and bifurcated to resist it. But, Obama will say, “Forget about liberty, I will give you equality.You will all be equally poor and in chains!”

It’s coming!

Bob Grant

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