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Obama: The Charlatan

August 20, 2009

Here we go! Polls are out suggesting the curtain has opened, thanks to the little dog, Toto, that Dorothy brought with her from Kansas to Oz. And now, the charlatan is revealed for more people to see.

In this case, I am not talking about the original Wizard of Oz, but the pretender from Chicago, via Indonesia, Hawaii, and maybe even Kenya — the pretender who has big gaps in his biography that no one really seemed too interested in examining prior to the election.

But there he is using the amplifier and smoke and mirrors that all help to obfuscate the real person who is a consummate fraud. If this sounds harsh, it’s because when it comes to hoodwinking the good American citizens, I can only tell it like it is.

I know there are still far too many of my fellow citizens who disagree with the assessment I have made of this four flusher. But I do believe that in due time there will be more Americans sharing my view of the 44th president of the United States and the first sultan of the United States.

I am encouraged because in the last two months Barack Obama has dropped in popularity by some 20 points, perhaps even more. Equally encouraging is the drop in approval for the Democrat Party.

All this augurs well for the republic. There is only one thing that makes this otherwise encouraging news less illustrious, and that is the Republican Party is clueless as to how to get on the offensive, and above all how to unify behind a leader or spokesman, or whatever you want to call the person whom they could and should rally around.

Unfortunately, I was too optimistic about Michael Steele, the newly minted chairman of the GOP. He has turned out to be a huge disappointment. The republicans don’t know whether keeping the former Lt. Governor of Maryland in the job, which is clearly over his head, is worse than dropping him from the post which could only cause more negative reaction.

But, whatever they do, the Republican Party has a golden opportunity to take advantage of the slipping and sliding of the Obama administration and Democrats in general.

Will they be able to seize the moment and save the republic? Let us hope so!

Bob Grant

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