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Same Old Jimmy Carter

September 17, 2009

I remember a brisk, sunny day in March of l976. It was a Sunday and I was asked to join “a caravan for Israel.” This event was organized by Jewish organizations in the New York area and several non-Jewish celebrities and politicians were asked to join in the effort to raise awareness of the Israeli cause and counter a United Nations condemnation of the Jewish state.

The itinerary called for the group, including me, to attend different synagogues. The first temple on the list was one in Queens, New York. The rabbi at the Hollis Hills Jewish Center was anxiously waiting our arrival. United States Congressman Mario Biaggi, City Councilman Matty Troy and I were the non- Jewish members of the travelling supporters.

The rabbi was particularly excited to meet me. He said he had listened to my program quite often and remembered hearing me when I went to Israel in the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War, reporting from the Middle East. And he raved on and on about how supportive I was of the Israeli cause.

My radio station, for the first seven years of my radio career in New York, was WMCA. And without me, the station would not have made it, for I gave them the ratings they needed to survive. So, the rabbi could hardly contain himself when he took me into his office and said, “Mr. Grant, I would like to introduce you to the former governor of Georgia, Mr. Jimmy Carter! Mr. Carter is running for the Democratic nomination to be president.”

Carter had what seemed like a faraway look in his eyes, but he did smile and said, “Mr. Grant, I hear you are a very popular man in New York, and I am pleased you are going to introduce me.”

Several months later, I got a call from the rabbi. He was, of course, excited. I had learned that he was excited about anything and everything. He told me there had been many pictures taken by members of his congregations. He said, “I have pictures of myself with the congressman, with Mr. Troy and, of course, many, many pictures with you, but none with Jimmy Carter.”

I wasn’t surprised. Like myself, everybody in the congregation was for Carter’s main rival, Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson of Washington state. Carter went over like a lead balloon. Nobody looked more ridiculous in a yarmulke that he did.

With Carter’s latest idiocy trying to claim that anybody who disagrees with Barack Obama is anti-black, Carter has once again proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he was the worst president and by far the worst ex-president we have ever had.

Here’s a guy who ran a racist campaign for governor in 1970 accusing everybody of being a racist. Thanks to the great Ronald Reagan, we were spared a second Carter turn.

Hey Jimmy, why don’t you go visit your friends in all our enemies’ countries?

Bob Grant

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