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G-20 Protesters Target Capitalism, Bank of England

April 3, 2009

Now they call it the G-20. They used to call it the G-7, and then they got real big and began calling it the G-8. Now they call it the G-20 summit — a meeting of a group of 20 Financial Ministers and Central Bank Governors.

What the heck am I talking about? That's right . . . the meeting being held in London to discuss the world's economic problems. That is the correct word; discuss. And that, for the most part, is all they can do; discuss or talk or maybe even debate.

Notice the absence of the verb solve. The G-20 summit is all for show — show the rest of the world; show each other; above all show the citizens back home what a good leader you are; show the peasants what a good, informed, sophisticated president you are.

Forgive me for sounding so cynical, but one cannot be exposed to the lunacy of world governments without becoming a cynic. Thus far, we can thank the anarchists who are against any action on the part of any establishment trying to do anything which may help improve the situation.

Who are these spoilers and destroyers? What is it they want? Rather the question should be, what is it they don't want?

The profile of these enemies of civilization is a person who is truly sorry he was born. He hates his own existence, therefore he hates the existence of anyone who is trying to make a situation better.

Right now they are screaming in the streets of London, now hold on to whatever it is you’re sitting on, “down with money!” Maybe they chant that inane phrase because they never discovered a way they could earn money.

No matter, this bunch of vermin go wherever heads of state are meeting. Let us be grateful they are not meeting in the United States. The police costs in situations like this are staggering. And, of course, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) would have a field day monitoring the police and taking names of officers of the law for supposedly infringing on the rights of these protesters, as they record their badge numbers.

So will this G-20 meeting accomplish anything? No, not any more than any other previous G meeting has.

So to those wild beasts shouting in the shadow of Trafalgar Square, I say, “Listen up, you rogues! You've got nothing to worry about. Don't you know that none other than anti-capitalist billionaire George Soros has stated that President Obama's budget is going to bring down the United States government if it isn't changed?”

So there! You've got no less a personage than the president of the United States doing your dirty work. Hey, maybe that's why the fix was in last year. The fix that put Barrack Obama right there at the G-20 meeting where you could go over to him and thank him for sharing your goal.

Bob Grant

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