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Capital Punishment: Necessary in Our Violent Society

March 26, 2009

Just the other day four Oakland, California police officers were murdered. Oakland has never lost that many officers in one day in its history.

The liberal establishment just can’t bring itself to say how it happened or why it happened. You see, one of the symptoms of being a liberal is you cannot call it what it is. You must be euphemistic. You must dance around the truth.

Those of us not infected with the liberal virus come right out with it. I’ll give you an example of what I mean. When, oh when are we going to learn that once a person serves notice on society that he is a danger to human beings; once he serves notice that he wants to steal from us, rape us, maim us and kill us; that poisonous creature should be destroyed.

Of course, you say you can’t do that. You say we have gone beyond the death penalty. You say we are too humane to take a human life.

Well, let me ask you, is it humane to prey upon society? Is it humane to rob, rape, kill?

The individual who murdered these police officers had served notice on society many years ago that he meant us harm. He made his dangerous presence known with a series of crimes which landed him in jail. For some inane reason, he was paroled. Once paroled, he did what, sad to say, nature intended him to do.

I could go on at great length about this particular person, but it would serve no purpose. We cannot accept the truth. We cannot bring ourselves to admit that there is no such thing as behavioral science. We should have learned long ago that you cannot turn a ferocious lion into a gentle lamb.

So, even if you insist on not executing these worthless, destructive pieces of vermin, can’t you at least agree to keep them incarcerated until they croak? No, you can’t ever do that either.

So we will have to just continue allowing these walking time bombs to be the blight they are on society. And each night before we go to sleep, we can thank the fates that we made it through another day without being mugged, raped, maimed, or murdered.

And above all, we should salute and thank those brave police officers in every town, hamlet, and city in America for doing a courageous and difficult job that we could not.

Bob Grant

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