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The Blame Game

December 15, 2009

No matter how many years some of us commentators have been observing the national political scene in America, none of us has ever witnessed the poor conduct of our president, Barack Obama, Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It should come as no surprise that Obama is mentioned here. For many obvious reasons he would be expected to be counted among the tradition breakers — being our first “African-American” president.

But this is not a commentary on his conduct, but rather an acknowledgement of this physical appearance. It is not his appearance which is in question here, but rather his incessant carping about his predecessor, George W. Bush. There is never a time he has failed to blame any problem he has on the former president. Even some of his supporters are finding it unbecoming of their anointed hero.

At heart Obama is a socialist and that should be painfully apparent to anyone who has any knowledge of his beliefs, his writing, his background, his associations and his aspirations.

And what about Harry Reid? At least one could say about Obama, “the man is what he has always been.” However, with the nerd from Nevada, it is a different story. We can only sadly observe that Harry Reid is a feckless idiot who is so overwhelmed by his position as the majority leader of the U.S. Senate, that he has lost all contact with reality.

For example, Reid comparing Republicans who oppose socializing our medical system to Republicans who resisted ending slavery! Nothing could be further from the truth. The Republican Party came into being because it embraced the abolitionist movement which was dedicated to abolishing slavery.

The Republican Party would not have come into being except for the desire to end slavery in America. The first Republican to be elected president was . . . now get this, Harry, because it is going to come as a shock to you . . . Abraham Lincoln!

Also, when this nerd of a man says in l964 the Republicans tried to torpedo the Civil Rights Act of Lyndon Baines Johnson, he is wrong again. There were more proportional Republican votes for it than Democrat votes. Even Al (global warming) Gore’s father voted AGAINST the Civil Rights Act of l964, joining people like Richard Russell of Georgia, James Eastland of Mississippi, and Robert Byrd, the nation’s longest-serving senator who is still in office!

So, we can only conclude that Harry Reid is either totally dishonest and will tell any lie if he thinks it will help his cause or he is pathetically stupid. Hey, wait a minute; I think I’ve got it! Harry Reid is not a liar, he is not just stupid . . . he is a stupid liar!

Would I be so blunt if I thought for one minute it might be over the top to describe him as a stupidly dishonest person? No, Harry Reid has only himself to blame. If the people of Nevada re-elect him next year then Nevada should be expelled from the union!

As for Nancy Pelosi, suffice to say, she is one more Botox treatment away from looking exactly like what she is, an airhead if there ever was one.

These are the three most powerful people in America today, and notice we have all mercifully forgotten to mention Vice President JOE BIDEN!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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